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Pink and Navy Ruffled Blouse

spring outfits | pink and blue blouse | dark wash bootcut jeans | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring style | pink and navy long sleeve top | brown belt | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual work wear | bootcut jeans for petite women | peep toe dress booties | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | v neck blouse | dark blue flared jeans | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

So ready to pull out some of my Spring items for ya’ll!  From dresses to skirts to feminine and flirty spring blouses, I am ready for all the Spring fashion.  I love the colors, prints, and flowy silhouettes of Spring.  This pink and navy ruffled blouse is a great early spring top.  It has a ruffled v-neck detail and full sleeves with a cute ruffle detail at the cuff.  The sleeve has elastic at the base which makes it easy to turn this top in a 3/4 length sleeve on slightly warm spring day.  This top is the perfect length to wear both tucked in and out.

For a dressy casual outfit perfect for a date night or casual Friday at the office, I tucked it in and paired it with my dark blue bootcut jeans.  To break up the navy in the top and dark blue of the jeans, I added in my brown belt which matches perfectly with my go to spring dress bootie of the past couple years. Another work idea, pair this top with a camel colored pencil skirt.  Once we warm up a bit, this top is going to pair perfectly with a pair of white cotton shorts and wedges!

spring fashion | pink and navy long sleeve blouse | flared jeans | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

business casual outfit | long sleeve printed blouse | brown gold buckle belt | Texas Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit | dark blue bootcut jeans for short women | brown peep toe booties | Petite fashion blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | navy and pink long sleeve blouse | dark blue bootcut denim pants | American Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


Transitioning Cropped Sweaters to Spring

winter outfit | dark red sweater | light blue distressed jeans | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual winter outfit | dark red sweater | stone bracelets | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

early spring outfit | light blue distressed jeans | light tan booties | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

winter outfit | dark rust red cropped sweater | ripped skinny jeans | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this post out for you today. I had a full day of blog work and wedding tasks planned for my day off yesterday.  We woke up to snow here in Houston which is a rarity.  We sometimes get ice, but not snow.  We took a few pics, and then we lost power.  Most of Houston did as the Texas power grid was a little overwhelmed with all of us warm weather loving Texans trying to keep warm in some historically low temps.  We were one of the lucky ones, our power came back on late in the afternoon and is still on as I’m writing this post.  Keeping fingers crossed that we keep it as the weather dips back into record lows overnight.

Normally by mid-Februrary, I’d be transitioning my winter wardrobe into spring.  Cropped sweaters were a favorite of mine this winter season, and I think they are perfect for transitioning into Spring.  I love the bounce and volume of these sweaters. It reminds me of some of the fun movement filled silhouettes of spring tops and dresses.  The cropped length is also perfect for pairing with shorts as the weather warms up.  For cooler days, light blue jeans and a lighter color bootie will give this winter top a spring time feel.

This red sweater is soo soft!!  It been perfect to lounge around the house in and for my work from attire.  I like the cowl neck design of it.  It keeps me warm but not too restricting. I paired it with my high waisted jeans, but it also works with mid-rise jeans and leggings.

Hope you are all staying warm and cozy today!


cold spring outfit | cropped sweater | ripped blue jeans | Texas Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

winter style | dark red high neck sweater | tan crossbody purse | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring fashion | light blue ripped jeans | tan booties | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

winter outfit | red sweater | casual style | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


Hello 2021! | My Goal Setting Process

winter work outfit | dark blue long sleeve blouse | gold navy jacquard skirt | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

fall work outfit | blue silk blouse | gold navy flared skirt | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

workwear | navy gold midi skirt | nude colored heels | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

fall work wear | dark blue keyhole top | jacquard midi skirt | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Hello 2021!! Like for many of you, 2020 was a crazy roller coaster of year filled with plenty of ups and downs.  The year started with Covid canceling my social life and finding me confined to my small one bedroom apartment, then lead to the purchase of my amazing home.  At the end of summer, I hit another low when my father unexpectedly passed away.  But, I ended the year on the high of getting engaged.  After of year of extreme highs and lows, I was excited to get away for a bit by spending the last week of 2020 in a small town in Northeast Texas visiting some of Steve’s family. I took a break from blogging, focused on being in the present moment, and came home ready to kickstart a new year.

I usually spend New Year’s Day laying out my goals for the year, setting up my blog calendar, and brainstorming new ideas and posts.  Since we were out of town, I decided to wait until my first 3-day weekend of the year.  I spent most of yesterday thinking up lots of new content ideas and starting my yearly goals.


I love love love setting goals! I make yearly and monthly goals which help me stay on track, stay motivated, and keep me moving forward.  My goal setting process is pretty simple.  I’m sharing it below in case you are looking to set yourself up for success this year.  I usually do this process twice – once for my personal goals and one for my blog goals.

    I think about what I hope to accomplish this year and set a few goals that I know with a little work and determination that I can achieve by the end of the year.  I also like to set one or two big dream goals.  These are items that I’m okay if I don’t achieve, but I want to work towards with my baby goals.
    At the start of each month, I write down a few goals for each month that I would like to focus on and that are actionable.  I make them simple, easy, and short.  I usually keep them posted somewhere visible like on the fridge, bathroom mirror or at my desk.  These goals are things that will put me on track to achieving some of my yearly goals.For example, if my yearly goal is to improve overall health, a monthly goal might be to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.  The next month, my goal might be to do yoga 3 times a week.  My hope is that the goal I set month one becomes a healthy habit, and I add to it each month.  By the end of the year, I will have built 12 new healthy habits that will improve my overall health.
    I use the same idea as in step 2 with these goals being steps moving me towards those big dream goals.
    My goals for the year may change as the year progresses and life changes.  I like to keep the option open to mix things up if needed.  This doesn’t mean cancel a goal because it’s hard or not going how I want it too.  It just means I give myself the flexibility to be adaptable to the changing circumstances of life.

If you are looking to set some new goals for 2021, I hope this process will help you out! With my blog goals in mind, I’m including a quick reader survey below.  One of my goals this year is to grow and expand the topics covered on the blog.  This is where you can help me out by letting me know what you want to see more of, what you love, and other things that help me plan out my content for the year.  I really appreciate you taking the time to fill out the survey!

wedding guest outfit | high neckl blue blouse | gold navy jacquard midi skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

wedding guest outfit | high neckl blue blouse | gold navy jacquard midi skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

work attire for women | long sleeve dark blue blouse | blue gold flared skirt | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

work wear for petite women | gold jacquard midi skirt | nude colored heels | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

professional work outfit | long sleeve blue blouse | gold navy printed skirt | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


Petite Style Guide: Cropped Sweaters

petite style guide for cropped sweaters | petite fashion tricks and tips | texas fashion blog lady in violet

Being 5’3, I am always looking for tips and tricks to look a little bit taller.  These tricks usually involve choosing items that create the look of longer legs.  Cropped sweaters popularity grew this year, and I realized these short sweaters help with my long leg illusion.  I started adding all the cropped sweaters to my closet.

While the cropped sweater helps with the illusion, other styling tricks like high waisted jeans and showing a little ankle also help add to the illusion.  Check out the different outfits below to see my petite style guide for cropped sweaters.

winter outfits | yellow fitted cropped sweater | distressed jeans | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

yellow cropped sweater | distressed jeans | booties

This cropped yellow sweater above was a great find.  It’s fitted with stretch, so it feel super comfy.  The cut of the crop hits perfectly at the top of high waisted denim.  The higher waist of these jeans extends the look of the legs creating a long look, great for us petite gals or anyone wanting to have the legs for days look.

Quick Note on this sweater: The color is a mix between lime green and yellow leaning more towards yellow.

casual outfits | pink short sweater | light tan booties | petite fashion blogger lady in violet

pink sweater | hight waisted jeans | booties | earrings | c/o bead bracelets

If you want a slightly longer crop to go just past a waist band, this pink sweater is good option. It also a little bit more volume and cozy fit. It still a shorter sweater, can be more comfy being a bit longer, and has that same great long leg effect.

Another petite styling trick, show some ankle.  I usually feel a little taller in pics when I’m showing just a hint of ankle. A quick cuff on your jeans will do the trick.

winter outfits | lime yellow sweater | black knee high boots | texas fashion blog lady in violet

yellow sweater | high waisted jeans | black boots

If you love wearing tall boots, a shorter sweater is the perfect pairing!  A long tunic sweater and my boots can sometimes my feel stumpy and my frame overwhelmed depending on the sweater length and volume.  The shorter sweater leaves plenty of jean showing to help with the long leg illusion.

If you do a longer sweater and boot combo, I opt for a boot with a heel to give more overall height or do a front tuck of the sweater to show a bit more leg.   If you are looking for ideas for over the knee boots, check out my post here on styling OTK boots when you are on the shorter side.

fall outfits | pink short sweater | bootcut jeans for petite women | Texas fashion blogger Lady in violet

pink sweater | bootcut jeans | brown heels | earrings | c/o bead bracelets

All three previous looks showcased high waisted jeans which are perfect for the leg illusion that we are trying to achieve.  However, mid-rise jeans can work just as well.  Make sure your sweater will at least graze the top of your jeans so no skin shows in between.

I already have a few more cropped sweater coming in, so I can keep this petite styling trick working in my wardrobe all winter long.  Since most of my jeans are  mid-rise, I’m opting for more sweaters like the pink one that will work with multiple jean rises.