How to Build a Bridesmaid Proposal Box

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Once you say yes to your proposal, it’s time to start building your wedding team.  A bridesmaid proposal box is a fun and cute way to ask your future bridesmaids if they will stand next to you on your big day.  There is no one way on how to build a bridesmaid proposal box.  You could personalize each one per bridesmaid, create a theme for your box, or gift a few of your favorite things.

You can also find these boxes already made, but I chose the DIY approach which is more budget friendly and customizable.  I chose to go with a combo of themed gifts and a few of my favorite things for my box.  I searched for empty boxes which come in a variety of sizes, styles, and price ranges.  I ended up with these pretty white floral ones because the price was right, the wording was exactly what I wanted, and the look was very me.

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My box theme was a celebratory getting ready for the big day with your girls theme.

I’ve seen some boxes with full size bottles of wine and customized labels.  With the size I chose for my box, I needed a mini sized bottles.  These mini proseccos were the perfect size and a great celebratory wine choice.  I found labels that were similar in style to my box design.  You can also find shops on Etsy that will make customized labels for you.

These rose colored stemless wine tumblers were the perfect compliment to my mini prosecco, and a great reusable item to add to the box.  I had not yet decided on wedding colors, so I opted for a color that would match my box theme.

how to build a bridesmaid propsal box | diy wedding gift | Lady in Violet Blog

bridesmaid proposal box ideas | pampering gift boxes | Lady in Violet Blog

To keep with my getting ready theme, I tossed in one of my favorite sheet face masks.  It’s one of my favorites for hydrating skin.  A sheet mask requires a pony tail holder, and these sparkly gold ones were the perfect pairing. I love the little quote on the packaging too.

These four items completed my box.  I pictured my bridesmaids sipping prosecco out of there wine tumbler with a face mask on and hair pulled back. Sounds like the perfect girls’ night in, and exactly the theme I wanted for my box.

how to build a bridesmaid proposal box on a budget | Lady in Violet Blog

You can add more or less working with what is in your budget. I think the question the gift box asks is way more important than anything inside.  The inside goodies are just the added icing on the cake.  When planning your box, I would make sure the box fits you and your girl group and whatever you put inside will be perfect.

Other ideas: personalized or wedding theme cookies, lip balm, a candle, jewelry, personalized cup with straw, coffee mug, robe, pajamas, sleeping mask, cosmetic bag, trinked dish, monogrammed compact mirror, personalized note cards, body butter, bath bomb.  You could also just send a beautiful flower arrangement with a proposal card attached.

How do you deliver your bridesmaid proposal boxes?

I did 3 seperate deliveries.  My bridesmaids included 4 friends and 2 sisters.  My girlfriends and I periodically get together, so I snuck my boxes in to one of those beforehand to pass out.  It helped that my Maid of Honor was the host that month, so I could give her the Maid of Honor box first before everyone arrived.  For my sister and sister-in-law, I gave them their boxes at family gatherings.

Other delivery ideas: Drop off the box at their house.  Send it in the mail. (Note: You can’t ship alcohol to all places.) Host a small dinner party or happy hour for your bridesmaids.  Invite each out to coffee or dinner individually.

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These boxes were fun to put together and pass out.  Picking our wedding party was one of the first things we did, so these boxes were my first wedding project.



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