Taylor Blue

Casual Weekend Outfit | Lady in Violet

Shop for a Cause - OPI Taylor Blue Nail Polish benefiting Taylor's Gift Foundation

OPI Nail Polish in Taylor Blue | Lady in Violet

Casual Summer Outfit Idea | Lady in Violet

OPI Taylor Blue Nail Polish benefiting Taylor's Gift Foundation | Lady in Violet

Summer Jeans and Nail Polish Color | Lady in Violet

Summer Casual Outfit Idea | Lady in Violet

OPI Taylor Blue Nail Polish | Lady in Violet


OPI Nail Polish in Taylor Blue 

A little over a month ago, I had the privilege of listening to one of the most inspiring keynote speakers that I have heard in some time.  When it comes to keynote speakers, I usually end up tuning out by the end.  The speaker was Tara Storch, co-founder of Taylor’s Gift Foundation.  I had no idea what I was in store for with this speaker.  By the time she was done, the entire room was in tears and thinking of one thing – how will we outlive ourselves.  Tara told the story of her 13-year old daughter Taylor who was killed in a tragic ski accident five years ago.  Taylor’s parents chose to help keep the spirit of their daughter alive by donating her organs to those who needed them.  Because of Taylor’s Gift, five people received a second chance at life including a mother of two.  The Storch family did not stop there.  They soon started the Taylor’s Gift Foundation to honor their daughter’s beautiful spirit and to help educate and inspire others to consider the gift of organ donation.  I will admit I am not an organ donor.  I have watched one too many made for TV movies that had me thinking absolutely no way.  Listening to Tara speak and debunk a few of the myths I listed as reasons I will not donate, has since had me reconsidering.  I have not yet registered as an organ donor, but for once I am not completely writing it off.  It is a big decision, one that I am thinking about much more lately.  Tara ended by asking us one question – How will you outlive yourself?  It is a question I have been thinking about ever since that afternoon.  To think that you give another person hope for a second chance at life is something pretty amazing.   What I found to be the most amazing thing from this whole story, is how this family took something so sad and tragic and turned it into something beautiful.   I find that to be the most inspiring part of this whole story and a huge reason why I wanted to share this story with you.    No matter what life throws at you, you will always come out on the other side.   I wanted to dedicate my entire post today to helping spread the inspiring message of the Taylor’s Gift Foundation.  April is National Donate Life Month, and the foundation has teamed up with OPI to offer this limited edition Taylor Blue nail polish.  The color is based on Taylor’s blue eyes. The partnership with OPI helped Taylor’s Gift launch the Legacy Gift program which supports those who have been touched by organ donation.  Proceeds from the Taylor Blue nail polish help fund the program and the Taylor’s Gift Mission.  If you would like to learn more about Taylor’s Gift Foundation, register to be an organ donor, or purchase the nail polish head to TaylorsGift.org.

The Taylor’s Gift Foundation did not ask me to write this post, I was just truly inspired by this family and wanted to help spread their message.  



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