How to Apply Dry Shampoo

how to apply dry shampoo | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

I have raved about dry shampoo in a few of my beauty favorites posts, and today I want to share how to apply dry shampoo.  I visited a friend a few months ago who said she wasn’t a fan of dry shampoo.  (insert shocked gasp)  She said it just didn’t work for her hair.  I watched her apply and realized she was missing a key dry shampoo step.  Thus the idea for this post was born!

– It soaks up the oil in your hair and can make it look clean allowing more days between washing.
– You can use it on humid days to help absorb some of the moisture that humidity adds to your hair.
– Hello Volume!  Certain brands also add considerable volume to your roots.


STEP 1 – Spray at your roots.  I use this for humidity and to absorb excess oil so I spray all my roots.  Some ladies just spray visible roots if only looking to absorb oil.  You can also pull your hair up in a loose ponytail before spraying to hit all your roots.  Make sure you hit any areas where you normally get oil build up during the day.

how to use dry shampoo | Houston Lifestyle Blogger Lady in Violet where to apply dry shampoo | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet tips for using dry shampoo | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 2 – Let it marinate.  I apply mine before I do my makeup and let it do it’s magic during my 10-15 minute makeup routine.  Dry shampoo needs some time to absorb, so this is a key step in the process!  You will also start noticing the powder in some brands lightening as it starts working.

let dry shampoo marinade in hair | Houston LIfestyle Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 3 – Shake it out! Use your fingers to shake out all the remaining powder.  I’ll even flip my head over to get a good shake out of the top.  This shaking step is also where you will see the added volume.

how to use dry shampoo in hair | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

Once no more powder is visible, brush or comb through your hair and style as usual.  I usually straighten my hair, then apply dry shampoo, and curl my hair after I shake out the dry shampoo.

How to apply dry shampoo in hair | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

That’s it 3 easy steps to use your dry shampoo!

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LIVING PROOF – Great for added volume!  One application usually last 2 days for my hair.  The powder is light and shakes out well.

BATISTE – The most affordable option!  The powder is very white, but it shakes out well.  One application typically only holds for a day or less.  If it’s about time for some real shampoo, this will not always make it the full day.

DRYBAR – Smells amazing!  If you dry shampoo after a workout, this one has a good scent to it.  One application will last all day too.  While the powder does have a yellow tint, this one is the hardest to shake out.  It’s not my top choice for darker hair because I sometimes struggle to get all the excess powder out.


Depends on my schedule for the week, but I usually can go 4-7 days.


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