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Blue Off the Shoulder Top

spring outfit | blue off the shoulder top | brown wedge sandals | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

casual outfit | striped off the shoulder top | rose gold earrings | Houston Fashion Blogger Karen Kocich

Spring outfits | straw circle bag | brown wedges | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

weekend outfit | off the shoulder top | dark wash jeans | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Happy Monday friends!!  How was your weekend?  I went to 2 baby showers, ate yummy cake, sipped champagne, and caught up with my girlfriends. Somewhere in there, I also fit in some relaxing down time too.   Overall, it was a pretty fabulous weekend.

This blue off the shoulder top has been on major repeat this month for so many of my lunches and dinners with friends!  It’s a top you can easily dress up or down with a change of shoe or jean color.  I wore this striped top with my dark wash jeans and block heel sandals for a dinner with friends (seen here on IG) and with wedges for a casual lunch date.  You could also add in white jeans to dress it up a little.  It’s a thin material, but not see through so good for warm or slightly cool weather.

I’m loving this light blue shade paired with my rose gold jewelry.  With off the shoulder tops, I usually go without necklace and opt for a good statement earring instead.  My rose gold earrings were PERFECT with this blue and white stripe for a casual spring outfit. Sometimes I feel like light blue is a good neutral for pairing with bold colors.  A bright pink or yellow statement earring would work with this top too. Silver jewelry would also work really well with this light blue shade to keep the look more neutral and spotlight the blue more.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a fabulous week!

c/o Blue Off the Shoulder TopDark Wash Jeans | Brown Wedge Sandals | Straw Circle Bag | c/o Rose Gold Earrings *on sale* |  Bourbon & Bowties Bangles (one | two | three) | Nails: Essie Blanc

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Spring outfit | blue off the shoulder top | dark wash skinny jeans | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

casual spring outfit | striped off the shoulder blouse | rose gold earrings | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Jeans for petite women | straw circle purse | brown wedges | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit | off the shoulder top | dark blue cuffed jeans | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet


Rainy Day Blues

Rainy weather outfit | navy raincoat | hunter foldable boots | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

rainy day outfit | joules packable raincoat | Houston Fashion Blogger Karen Kocich

rainy day must haves | lightweight raincoat | black matte rain boots | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

navy floral rain coat | distressed jeans | black hunter boots | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

A little thing about Houston, it rains here quite a bit!  A small but heavy rainstorm can easily cause mild street flooding.  For a few years, it seemed we had some sort of bigger flooding event at least once or twice a year.  Spring and summer seem to be when we receive the most rainfall, usually starting around April and running until the end of September.  Being on the coast, some of our rain comes in from tropical disturbances in the Gulf of Mexico and occasionally a hurricane.

I honestly never really noticed how much it rained here until I became a blogger.  I shoot the majority of my posts outdoors, and a rainy day equals a canceled shoot.  You really start noticing how many rainy days you have when you need to go outdoors to shoot an outfit.

Over the years, I have built up a few rainy day must haves.  This year I crossed another item off my list with my new lightweight raincoat.  I’ve been wearing my sorority weatherproof parka for YEARS, and I kind of figured it might be about time to retire it!  I really wanted something that was more like a long jacket and lightweight since I would needed it mainly during warmer months.

This Joules Right as Rain jacket is exactly what I was looking for!  The material is thin and not heavy, so perfect for days with both heat and rain.  It also folds up pretty small and fits in my purse.  This also makes it PERFECT for travel!  I also love the floral print to give it a little character.  This raincoat comes in a few other prints and solids too.

Another one of my rainy day essentials is a good pair of rain boots.  I picked up these Hunter boots a few years ago. My pair is foldable which I think makes them easier to walk in, but also easier to pack because they can fold in half at the ankle.  Both of these items come in handy not only for heading into the office and running errands, but also when I need to take my dog out on a walk.  And yes she of course has a mini raincoat too! The hooded raincoat means I don’t have to also carry an umbrella on our potty trips outside.

Thankfully we have a nice sunny weekend ahead for us!  I have plans with friends this weekend, so I’m glad that we have some good weather in store.  I might even take a stroll out to the pool!  I hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend!

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rainy weather essentials | lightweight raincoat | black rain boots | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

best rain coat for spring and summer | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

packable rainy weather items | lightweight raincoat foldable rain boots | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

rainy weather must haves | for travel foldable rain coat | packable boots | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet


Book Review no.1

spring book recommendations | book reviews | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

I am so excited for today’s post!!  One of my favorite things to do on weekend mornings or right before bed is to sit down and relax with a good book.  One of my favorite ways to find good books is by reading recommendations from others, so I figured why not start sharing some of my own reviews too.  I’m also a part of a book club with a few girlfriends, so some of the books I read come from recommendations from that group of women.

I like a good mix of books from light and easy beach type reads to a good thriller or mystery to biographies.  I usually read about one book a month, usually a little more during pool season.  I’ll try to get these reviews posted for ya’ll when I have a good 4-5 books to share.  Hope ya’ll enjoy and if you have any recommendation leave them in the comments below for me and anyone else who might be building their summer reading list!

All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin

I am a long time Emily Giffin fan and have read all her books!  I started following her on social media and have gotten to know her better through what she shares on Instagram.  When I was reading this book I really felt I could see her coming through in the main character Nina.  The book is about a wealthy high school boy who posts a partially naked photo of a middle class high school girl at a party and the fallout between the parents and the students.

The book narration flips between Nina who is the boy’s mom,  the high school girl, and her father.  I think Emily Giffin does such a great job at character development.  She really connects you to her characters and makes you feel like you are on the journey with them.  This book captivated me and I read it pretty quickly because of that, always wanting to read the next chapter.  I loved reading the different viewpoints of the situation.  I did feel like the ending was a little rushed.  I felt like it was missing a chapter.  Overall, I would recommend this one!

The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

This book was one from my book club. A young woman, Amber,  befriends a wealthy woman, Daphne, in hopes of seducing her wealthy husband away from her.  Overall, I enjoyed this one.  It’s an addictive thriller narrated by the two main female characters.   **slight spoiler info**  The first part of the book is narrated by Amber and her plan to seduce the husband away from his too trusting wife, and the second part is narrated by Daphne who catches on to Amber’s plan.  I found Daphne a little naive during the first half, so I was happy to see the change over.  I don’t want to give away too much, but after the change over you will stay up all night to finish this one!

It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman

I was looking for a different biography when I stumbled upon this book by a former Bachelorette.  It sounded interesting and I was hoping for some juicy inside info on life as The Bachelorette.  Andi discusses everything from her interview for The Bachelor to what it was like as The Bachelorette, and life after the show.  The book is written as a diary that Andi keeps after her engagement ends.  If you have ever gone through a big break up, you will understand and possibly recognize all or some of the emotions she’s going through. She holds nothing back and really walks you through all of her post break up stages.

It’s a very real and detailed account, and I had moments when I was ready for her to be over the break up already while also understanding that some relationships just take awhile to get over, and she was working through the healing process.  If you are a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, I think you will enjoy this book.  One of my biggest takeaways from reading this book is how the women on the show go looking for Mr. Right and end up with some amazing girlfriends.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Oh this book was a good one!!!  Another pick from my book club, I read this book in just a few days.  It’s an edge of your seat page turning thriller written by the author of Gone Girl.  Camille is a Chicago reporter forced to head back to her small hometown to cover the murder of two teen girls.  Heading home forces her to face the many demons from her past including her mother.  It’s very dark and disturbing as you learn more and more about Camille, her family, and her past.  The ending is so amazing that once you finish this book, you will have to sit for a minute just to process what just happened.

When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger

Well with two page turning thrillers and a heart break, I have to give you another light read.  This book is a spin off from The Devil Wears Prada with one of the main characters being Miranda’s former assistant Emily.  Emily has left Runway and became a celebrity image consultant. While visiting a friend in Greenwich, Connecticut, Emily takes on a new client, a former supermodel who has just been accused of driving under the influence with children in her vehicle.  The book narration flips between three women, Emily, the supermodel Karolina, and their friend Miriam.

The first half of this book was kind of slow for me.  I loved Emily’s chapters, but Karolina was kind of naive and annoying to me. Part 2 started and this booked suddenly grabbed my attention and had me quickly reading through chapters.  I loved Karolina much more in part 2 of this book.  The 3 woman team up for Karolina’s comeback after her DUI scandal while sharing a little about life in a wealthy suburban town.  If you need a beach read, this would be a good one.

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

I’m closing out my first review with one last suspense thriller about a woman who has just been left by her wealthy husband for a younger woman.  The first half of the book is narrated by the jealous ex-wife whose life seems to have fallen apart after the end of her marriage.  The middle of this book is by far the best part featuring a twist that will make you want to go back and re-read the first half of the book.  You suddenly see the book and characters in a whole new light.  This book does have a little predictability and a few move on already moments, but it also has some really good twists and turns.

Thanks for reading my first book review post! I hope you found a book or two to add to your summer reading list!  Don’t forget to leave a book suggestion in the comments below!


White Floral Blouse

spring outfit | white floral blouse | nude colored sandals | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

casual spring outfit | yellow blue floral blouse | statement earrings | Houston Fashion Blogger Karen Kocich

summer outfit | white jeans | straw circle bag | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit ideas | floral top | white skinny jeans | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Hello Hello! How was your weekend?  Mine started off nice and relaxing and ended filled with family and lots of yummy food.  I’m pretty sure I’m still in a sugar coma from all the yummy Easter desserts I ate yesterday.  My grandma always puts out a good dessert spread, and of course I have to have a little of everything.

An all white look is such a classic and sophisticated outfit for Spring.  It can easily look dressy or casual depending on how you style it.   This white floral top is the perfect way to create an all white look while still having small hints of color.  The light blue and yellow floral details have a beautiful feminine look that just pairs perfectly with white denim.

You can also pair this top with a pair of cuffed dark wash jeans and wedges for a more casual look.  I love how the jean color really pulls out different colors.  When I wear this with blue jeans, you really see the blues in this top a little more.  My yellow tassel statement earrings added a fun vibrant color to this more neutral look.  The bright yellow helps to pull out the yellow floral details in the top too.

 I’m so excited to introduce ya’ll to my new spring and summer purse.  I’ve been loving all the straw circle bags, so I decided I needed one this year.  Mine is a good affordable option, and it actually holds quite a bit.  I put my mini wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, and a lipstick in it over the weekend.  You do have to position everything just right to get it to close, and sometimes adjust the fabric lining on the inside from sneaking out the side.  I’ve been carrying this bag for a few weeks and just can’t get enough of it.  It works with everything from date night looks to casual day looks.

I hope you all have a fabulous start to your week! Thanks for stopping by!

Photography by: Banavenue

casual outfit | white floral top | block heel sandals | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit | yellow earrings | floral top | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

weekend outfit | block heel sandals | circle straw bag | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit | White floral blouse | white denim | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet