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Hello friends!  Between my naturally curly hair that I spend way to much time trying to keep straight and living in a humid coastal city, I have tried many many many products to fight frizz, tackle humidity, and keep my hair as smooth and sleek as when I walk out the door in the morning.  Since we are approaching the hot humid days of summer, I wanted to share a few of the current products I have found to be the best hair products for frizz and humidity.  While I have yet to find a product to stand up to the 110% Houston humidity days, I will say with these products in my arsenal instead of a giant scary frizz ball, I have more of a beach wave look when humidity blasts through my haircare lineup.

Aveda Control Force Hairspray

This hairspray works so well that I am more than happy to shell out the $$$ for it.  That’s how good it is.  I actually didn’t realize just how fabulous it was until I ran out.  I used another hairspray from my drawer, headed to work and by the time I arrived to work – frizzy mess!  It’s now the only hairspray I use, especially for humid days.  In addition, it holds my curls the best and my hair still feels soft.  My con on this hairspray is that the nozzle clogs, so you have to clean it off periodically.

Batiste Dry Shampoo

A few years ago, I was a bridesmaid in an outdoor Spring wedding.  I told the hairstylist that I was concerned about my hair going frizzy during the outdoor ceremony and pictures of the wedding.  She told me she had a new product that would help by absorbing the moisture and keeping my updo sleek and smooth.  She even gave me a free sample of it.  Fast forward a few years post the Dry Shampoo take off, I found the free sample in the back of a drawer.  It was a bottle of dry shampoo.  While a great product to use between shampoos, it’s also great to add into your hair on days when you may need a little help from the outdoor humidity because it absorbs moisture and excess oil.

Suave Firm Control Mousse

I have been using Suave mousse since college.  Back in college, I wore my hair in it’s naturally curly state because hair straighteners were not that popular and expensive at the time.  I always struggled with my curls going from cute bouncy curls to hot mess on humid days.  A girl in my dorm had the same hair as me minus the frizz issues.  Her secret – Suave Mousse.  In addition to helping fight my frizz, it also doesn’t flake when I wear my hair curly.  When fixing my hair straight, I apply this to my roots to fight frizz and give a little volume boost.  On the occasions I let my curls loose, I apply this throughout the full length of my hair.

Living Proof Humidity Shield

I have tried a few products from the Living Proof Frizz line.  One that I continue to keep in my hair care rotation is their humidity spray.  After I am done styling my hair, I spray this product all over really focusing on areas that get hit the hardest by humidity.   It helps acts as a barrier to keep out the added moisture.  It works pretty well, it’s not perfect on 100% humidity days.  It doesn’t hold it sleek and smooth, but it does help my hair turn more beachy waves instead of hot crazy mess.

Living Proof Instant De-Frizzer

When I traveled to New York last year for fashion week, I was really caught off guard by how humid it was when I first arrived.  I ran out of my humidity spray on day one.  When I stopped by a Sephora to pick up more, I found this little product sitting on the shelf and decided why not.  I added it to my hair when I started to see signs of frizzing and it helped smooth it out a bit.  One day I used it like a finishing spray to add a little shine while also helping prevent frizz throughout the day.

IGK Mistress Hydrating Hair Balm
(formerly Anti Frizz Leave in Conditioner)

I received this product in a goody bag at an event.  I tossed in my beauty drawer to try out when I ran out of my other Leave-In Conditioner that I had just purchased.  Fast forward many months later when I found this hiding in the back of my drawer and decided to try it out and see how it worked.  The next day I noticed my hair looked more sleek, and I noticed less frizz over the next few days.  It was while switching between the two leave in conditioners, I realized how much this one was helping give me a smooth look with less frizz.  It’s now a product I plan to keep in permanent rotation.  The product name slightly changed since I received this one, but I dug around and it seems like these are the same thing.  I apply it to the pony tail length of my hair right now.  I’m considering using it a little higher to see how it works in the roots area.

If you struggle with frizz and humidity wreaking havoc on your hair, I hope one or more of these products will help you out! Have a product you love for frizz??  Leave it in the comments below for us try out too!


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