Garden Party Bridal Shower

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Garden Party Bridal Shower

Last summer while I was in the middle of planning my wedding, a few of my girlfriends were planning the prettiest Garden Party Bridal Shower.  The food was amazing, the mimosa bar was fabulous, and the decor was absolute perfection.   It really felt like walking into an indoor Garden Party with the all the flowers spread out throughout the house.  I rounded up all of their ideas and work into one big post filled with ideas for your next bridal shower.

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Ribbon and Flower Photo Wall, Garden, Flower, and Plant Books to add height on food table, Pink Glitter in Champagne Glasses,  Bride & Groom Photo Banner, Mimosa Table, Assortment of Small Vases with 1-3 flowers

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garden party bridal shower | mimosa bar | Lady in Violet Blog


Rose & Champagne, 2-3 Types of Juice (OJ, Cranberry), Fresh Fruit (Strawberries & Blueberries), Flower Ice Cubes, Champagne Flutes with Glitter

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How to Make Flower Ice Cubes:

Choose edible flowers. Boil distilled water and let cool. Fill trays in layers.  Fill each cube of ice tray to 1/4-1/2 filled with water, add flower, and freeze.  Fill next 1/4 to 1/2 and freeze.  Continue until each cube in tray is full.

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French Toast Casserole, Caprese Skewers, Mini Chicken Biscuits, Quiche, Yogurt Parfaits with fresh fruit and granola, Strawberry Cookies, Mini Dessert Tray with mini cupcakes, lemon bars, and macaroons

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bridal shower menu ideas | Lady in Violet Blog| caprese skewers

bridal shower food ideas | mini dessert tower | Lady in Violet Blog

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Garden Party Cake Idea: Floral Bouquet Cupcakes by Baked Blossoms

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Date Jar: Have guests write date ideas on a popsicle stick
What Did the Groom Say? Ask the groom questions and see if the bride can guess his answers, fun to share as a video or just have answers written out
Who Knows the Bride Best?  Have guests answer questions about the bride
Bridal Bingo with wedding gifts

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