What to Wear to the Houston Rodeo

Houston Fashion Blogger shares what to wear to the Houston Rodeo including an embroidered dress and cowboy boots.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger styles a rodeo outfit idea featuring a denim vest and embroidered dress.

Lady in Violet a Houston blogger styles a houston rodeo outfit idea including cowboy boots, a fit and flare dress, and crossbody saddle bag.

Houston Style Blogger wears a country music festival outfit including a floral embroidered dress with a denim vest and cowboy boots.

Karen Rock, a Houston Fashion Blogger shares what to wear to the rodeo including denim.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based Fashion Blogger shares what to wear with cowboy boots including a floral short dress with a vest.

Lady in Violet, houston fashion blogger styles a rodeo outfit idea including an embroidered dress, denim vest, and cowboy boots.

Lady in Violet, a texas fashion blogger styles a boho chic outfit for a music festival including an embroidered dress and vest.

Houston Fashion Blogger styles a rodeo outfit including beaded tassel bracelets, an embroidered dress, and saddle bag.

Lady in Violet, a Houston Fashion Blogger shares what to wear to the Houston Rodeo cookoff.

We are just two weeks away from the Houston Rodeo you guys!!  If you have never heard of it, think yummy bbq and fried foods, horses, bull riding, carnival rides, and big name concerts, plus my favorite part – a fun little wine garden.  It’s a huge event held every March in Houston and last about 3 weeks.  All the fun starts March 2nd, and today I am sharing what to wear to the Houston Rodeo.   This outfit would work for really any rodeo or country music concert.  Honestly, in Texas this could easily work as a brunch outfit too.

I like my rodeo outfits to have small nods to western wear without being full blown.  This year, I paired embroidered details with denim and suede.  Our weather is a bit warmer this year, so I decided a dress would be a safe to wear.  I adore the fit and flare look of this one.  The embroidery is so gorgeous, and it’s also on the back of the bottom of the dress too.  For a chillier evening you could pair this with a denim jacket, but for a beautiful warm day I would go with a denim vest.  I love that it let’s the details on the sleeves be seen.

Of course, no rodeo outfit is complete without a pair of cowboy boots.  If you don’t have a pair, booties or riding boots will work too.  Keep in mind the event involves lots of walking and a little bit of dirt, so try to find something comfortable that can get a little dirty.

If you are in Houston or planning a trip, you should definitely try to make a stop at the rodeo.  There is lots to see, do, and eat.  I highly recommend it!  I’m suddenly craving a funnel cake and glass of wine.  Ya’ll have good weekend, and thanks for swinging by today.


Rodeo Cookoff Outfit

Rodeo Cookoff Outfit - dress and cowboy boots | Lady in Violet

Fringe Earrings and Pendant Necklace

Denim Jacket and swing dress with gray cross-body bag | Lady in Violet

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Denim Jacket with a dress and Kendra scott necklace | Lady in Violet

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What to wear to the rodeo cookoff | Lady in Violet

Taupe Saddlebag purse

Baublebar fringe drop earrings in gold | Lady in Violet

Rodeo Cookoff outfit - maroon dress, cowboy boots, denim jacket


LUSH Karly Dress  | H&M Denim Jacket  | OAK TREE Cowboy Boots (SIMILAR)  | ELAINE TURNER Kassidy Bag  | KENDRA SCOTT c/o Rae Necklace  | BAUBLEBAR Pave Links Bracelet, Cuban Links Cuff,  Aretha Drop Earrings   | GORJANA Pave Bar Necklace  | RAYBAN Aviator Sunglasses  | MAC Lipstick in Craving  | ESSIE Nails in Master Plan

Okay, yes you have seen me post this dress a bunch over the past few months, but it is such a versatile dress!!  I have worn it to work, church, baby showers, blogger events, and it is also perfect for the rodeo!  Since I have shared a day and evening rodeo look, I figured I would share a what I would wear to the Rodeo Cookoff outfit.  Okay, so if you have never been to or heard of the rodeo cookoff, the general idea is a bunch of giant tents with people trying to prepare the best barbecue (brisket, sausage, beans, etc).  Throughout the cookoff, judges pick the best dishes and crown cookoff winners.  Of course, there is also live bands, djs, dancing and drinking involved.  It’s a huge party!  It is also one of the first rodeo events, kind of a pregame or preparty to the actual rodeo.

I have mentioned before that you will leave smelling like smoked meat.  It’s just part of the fun. 🙂  When picking an outfit, I look for items that are easy to wash or don’t absorb the smell.  Both my dress and jacket are machine washable at home, so I can  easily wash them a couple times myself.  I find my leather boots don’t really hold the smoke smell, so any of my boots typically will work.  You also do lots of walking and primarily all standing, so wear comfy shoes!  I love my heels, but this is one night that I leave them at home. I find my cowboy boots to be really comfy, and a little spilled beer or dirt only makes them look more rustic.  Most of the party/live music portion of cook-off happens at night, so you definitely want to incorporate a jacket into your outfit.  I went with denim, because I think it makes the look feel a little more country.  A denim jacket also give you the option to slightly roll up your sleeves if the weather is a little warmer.  I added my fun party fringe earrings and long pendant necklace to add a little glam and sparkle to my look.  My last outfit recommendation would be a cross-body bag!  You will need your hands for plates of barbecue and drinks, so you don’t want to be holding a purse.  Also, the event gets really crowded and a smaller purse makes maneuvering through crowds a little easier!

If you need more outfit inspiration for the rodeo, check out my posts here, here and here!   If you are heading to the rodeo here in Houston, I’d love to hear what concerts you are heading too and what your favorite food, activity, or event at the rodeo is!  Leave it in the comments below!

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Lady in Violet

Rodeo Outfit: Floral Blouses and Cowboy Boots

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What to wear to the Houston rodeo

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Rodeo outfit - denim shirt and cowboy boots

what to wear to the rodeo by Lady in Violet

Baublebar bracelets with denim shirt

Houston Rodeo Outfit with Cowboy Boots | Lady in Violet


HALOGEN Chambray Top  | DANIEL RAINN Floral Tunic (SIMILAR) | DL1961 c/o Skinny Jeans  | OAK TREE Cowboy Boots (SIMILAR) More Options at end of post! | SOLE SOCIETY Kianna Crossbody  | LOREN HOPE Abba Earrings (same in different color) | GORJANA Mika Necklace, Taner Bar Necklace  | BAUBLEBAR Pave Links Bracelet,  Cuban Links Bracelet  | RAYBAN Aviator Sunglasses  | MAC Lipstick in Craving  | JULEP Nails in Shari

Since last week I shared a evening rodeo outfit, this week I wanted to give you a outfit to wear during the day.  Yep, I pulled out my cowboy boots for this one!  I love boots that are a little more simple with the stitching being a neutral color.  I also really like the worn in look of some cowboy boots.  You know a “I totally did some farm work in these” look. 🙂  One of my favorite things about cowboy boots are the beautiful designs on the boot shaft.  It adds such a great detail to the boot and makes each pair unique and different.  Cowboy boots are pricey, easily starting around $150 and going up from there.  If you are in the Houston area, some of the local western wear shops will start having sales on all things rodeo soon.  It’s a great time to buy a pair of boots.  I also created a little widget for you at the bottom of this post with more boots available online.

While comfy walking shoes are a must for a full day at the rodeo, light layers are also important.  The rodeo hosts both indoor and outdoor events, so I like having a light jacket with me in case the indoor areas are cold.  Plus, our rodeo weather sometimes is a little cool at night since it is in March. I love the idea of using a chambray shirt as more of a jacket in this look.  During the day, you can easily tie the chambray top around your waist if this happens to be a warmer day.  At night or if it’s a cool spring day, you can wear just like this. Using a chambray as more of a jacket, you will not have to tote a bulky jacket around all day.  I have a floral tunic on underneath it.  Florals and plaids always make me think western wear and rodeo. I also highly recommend a cross-body purse for the rodeo!!  The place is crowded and a small bag makes it easier to maneuver through crowds, plus it frees your hands for drinks, food, and shopping!




Lady in Violet

Houston Rodeo Outfit: Plaid and OTK Boots

Houston Rodeo outfit with otk boots | Lady in Violet

Navy plaid shirt with Kendra Scott necklace | Lady in Violet

AG Jeans with over the knee boots | Lady in Violet

What to wear to the rodeo | Lady in Violet

Kendra Scott Necklace and plaid shirt | Lady in Violet

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Casual weekend outfit | Lady in Violet

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Taupe over the knee boots | Lady in Violet

Houston Rodeo Outfit - OTK boots and plaid shirt | Lady in Violet


FRANCESCA’S Samantha Plaid (SIMILAR)  | AG Cigarette Jeans  | DAISY STREET Over the Knee Boots (SIMILAR)  | KENDRA SCOTT c/o Rae Necklace  | BAUBLEBAR Horseshoe Pendant Necklace,  Slim Bangle  | GORJANA Chloe Studs  | RAYBAN Aviator Sunglasses  | CHINA GLAZE Nails in Black Diamond  | MAC Lipstick in Craving

It is officially Rodeo season in Texas!  Every year in February and March rodeo fever invades this great state with Livestock Shows and Rodeos happening all over.  Fort Worth is currently in the middle of their show, followed by San Antonio, and then rounding out the bunch is the Houston Rodeo.  I have talked before about the Houston Rodeo here and here.  It’s basically a carnival, a rodeo featuring things like bull riding and barrel racing, concerts, shopping, and lots of fun food.  My friends and I are big fans of the wine garden too.  You can often find us there grabbing a glass before we head into the concert.

Over the next few weeks, I wanted to share a few outfit ideas for what to wear to the rodeo.  While most people immediately think cowboy boots, I wanted to share an outfit for those of you who may not be ready to shell out a couple hundred for a pair.  I think these taupe over the knee boots are perfect for a little wine garden and concert action.  I would make sure if you wear a heeled boot that they are comfortable for hours of walking.  Sometimes just getting from your car to the entrance is a long walk.  On weeknights, my friends and I usually go after work for just a couple hours, so heeled boots are an option for these nights since we do not walk around too much.  I wanted to give a little bit of a rustic western feel, so I paired them with my plaid top. I think the two together with a fun pendant necklace create the perfect Houston rodeo outfit.  If you are heading to cookoff this year, I would not recommend wearing these suede boots.  The smoke coming off all the bbq pits is really strong.  I usually have to wash my clothes a couple times to get the strong smell out.  It’s why I wouldn’t recommend these boots or any other item that may be hard to wash.  You could easily swap them with a pair of leather riding boots for cookoff.  Don’t worry I will share an idea or two of what to wear to the rodeo cookoff too, so stay tuned!



Lady in Violet