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Umm, so I have totally been craving all the snakeskin printed things this season! I am so picky about my animal print and the way it looks, so I don’t usually gravitate so much to one print.  Something about the snakeskin though, I am all about it for fall.  One of the things I  prefer to this snakeskin print verse other animal prints is the wide array of colors.  I have found grays, browns, taupes, blacks, reds, and multi-color.  Since snakes come in a wide array of colors, it makes the prints have a more natural look and gives me more colors to play with.

I’m obsessing so much over this print that I could not fit everything in just one graphic!  My snakeskin heels have been on major repeat!  I think shoes are a great way to add this print to an outfit.  A belt or clutch purse are up next on my list as an easy add for a pop of print to a neutral outfit.

Ready to go big or go home – These snakeskin dresses are gorgeous and a definite statement maker. You can add a solid color belt to help break up the print.  The tops are a great way to add this print to an office or layered look.  Pair a top under your blazer for work or a leather jacket and jeans for the weekend.  It’s adds just a hint of chic edge to your ensemble.

What do you think of the snakeskin print trend?  Which piece would you add to your closet?



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