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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Access: What to Buy First

nordstrom anniversary sale 2017 early access what to buy first

Happy Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Day!!!

Alright my Nordstrom Cardholders, start your engines because The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Early Access is officially open to shop!  Ya’ll this sale has so many good items this year.  My wish list is crazy long right now.

I usually shop the sale 3-4 times each year. Mainly on early access day 1 online, the Wednesday or Thursday before Public Access in store, and usually one last time before the sale ends online.  FYI – if you really want to go in store, today and the first weekend of public access will be madness!! I have found those couple days right before public access starts to be the perfect time to shop in store.  Also, if you don’t have a Nordstrom card at least where I go, you can still walk into the curtained off areas and look around, you just can’t purchase without a Nordstrom card.

I usually make 90% of my purchases online, because I’m personally not a fan of shopping when stores are super busy.  Nordstrom does offer an in store pick up option, so you can order online and get your items same day.  BUT – I did this last year and one of the items I ordered was no longer in stock at the store when they were pulling my order, so they cancelled that item.  Luckily, I was able to re-order it online, just something to keep in mind if you choose this option on the first day of early or public access when things are selling fast.

Yes, things will sell out today.  Some things will sell out online before many have finished their coffee.  No worries if you aren’t a card holder, there will be plenty left and items get restocked.  Last year, the bag and bracelets I purchased both sold out in the morning.  Both items also came back in stock at some point during the 3 weeks, but you have to keep an eye out.  As soon as things come back in stock, they will then sell out again.

I am a huge fan of this sale for buying wardrobe staples like cardigans, jeans, and boots.  Once I have my staples, I then add in other items I’m loving from dresses to bags to jewelry.

I wanted to share not only some of my top picks from the sale, but some of those top selling categories during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I have noticed tend to sell out quickly in previous years.  If you are totally overwhelmed and trying to figure out where to start, I would say these categories are a good starting point.

You can click any image to go direct to the item, and non-cardholders can still preview the sale and build a wishlist. You just have to wait until the 21st to make a purchase.


I picked a mix of designer bags and bags under $100.  I was really impressed with the selection of handbags under $100 this year.  Backpacks are a growing trend, and I included a few with a super chic feel.


The booties I picked all come in under $100 and most of the boots come in under $200.  I had a few over like the Tory Burch ones which are always one of the fast selling of the sale.


Leather Jackets, Long Cardigans, Casual Dresses
Leather jackets and long cardigans always tend to be the clothes to sell fast during the sale.  This sale is the best time to buy a leather jacket because we probably will not see these markdowns again until after winter.

I have about 3 or 4 long cardigans on my wish list right now. #obsessed They are the perfect layering pieces and cozy to wear around the house.  Casual dresses are another area that sometimes sell a little quickly.  I only included a couple of my favorites because for me this isn’t a wardrobe staple, so it’s not one of those first areas I add to cart.

A couple bonus items made it to the list that I think will sell big this year including a GORGEOUS leather skirt (that is a little pricey, because it’s leather) and a black and white scarf since gingam is so popular right now.

One thing not featured in the little pictures is AG Jeans.  I love this brand and own a couple pairs.  If you need a new pair of jeans, I highly recommend this brand and buying during this sale.  These prices are some of the lowest of the year for AG. They do sell fast, but they are restocked heavily throughout the sale.

If you are shopping the sale today, let me know what you buy!!!  I’m about to start the always hard task of editing down my shopping cart to the “I still have bills to pay this month” range. 🙂  Throughout the entire sale, I will be sharing all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over on THIS PAGE.  You can find all the blog posts related to the sale, my top 100 items of the sale, and more, so be sure to check it out throughout the sale. for the latest and greatest info.  You can find the direct link on the menu bar under NORDSTROM SALE.

Thanks for stopping by today, and check back tomorrow to see the cutest halter top for summer and what Nordstrom sale items ended up in my cart!  See ya’ll then!

Oversized Striped Top for the Heat Wave + Link Up

Summer Casual Outfit | Oversized Striped Blouse | Denim Shorts | Lady in Violet | Houston Style Blogger

Summer Outfit | Blue Striped Blouse | Distressed Shorts | Lady in Violet | Houston Fashion Blogger

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Blue Striped Blouse with Shorts | Baublebar Gold Choker Necklace | Summer Outfit | Lady in Violet | Houston Style Blogger

Summer Weekend Outfit | Distressed Denim Shorts | Oversized Striped Top | Lady in Violet | Houston Fashion Blogger

Hello Hello! I have another hot weather outfit idea for ya’ll today featuring this super comfy oversized striped top.  I have been sharing quite a few heat approved tops lately, because a Texas summer is no joke.   I love this one because while it’s lightweight, it’s also high quality.   The oversized fit and sleeve design really allow breathability to keep you cool.  I also like lighter colors like this light blue and white stripe.  I’m one who believes lighter clothing does keep you cooler when it’s hot out.

If you area heading somewhere with lots of walking, white canvas slip on sneakers are the perfect pick for this casual summer outfit.  They really pull the whole casual look together and keep your feet comfy.  I like canvas material because I feel like they do a little better in terms of keeping your feet cool and not super sweaty.  I picked these up last summer, so I linked a super similar style for you by the same brand.  I have also heard great things about the Converse brand too from friends.

Alright ya’ll, I am officially on the countdown to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Early Access starts Thursday, and I am ready to shop!!  Of course, I will have a post up on Thursday morning with some of my top picks to help ya’ll navigate the sale a little bit.  I have already started making my wish list.  It’s one of my top tips for shopping the sale without breaking the bank, you can read more of my tips I shared last year HERE.  So I will see you back here on Thursday for a list of sale goodies.

Don’t forget today is Style File Link up day, so keep on scrolling for a little more summer outfit inspiration!

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Yellow Ruffle Skirt for the Office

Summer Work Outfit | Yellow Ruffle Skirt | Purple Cami | Lady in Violet | Houston Fashion Blogger

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Summer Office Outfit | Purple Cami | Yellow Ruffle Skirt | Lady in Violet | Houston Style Blogger

Hello Friends and Happy Weekend!

I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this adorable work outfit.  When I originally ordered this yellow ruffle skirt, I pictured it with a striped tee or fitted black top.  It arrived in the same package as the purple cami, and when they landed next to each other, I knew they had to be styled together.

Depending on your office dress code, a strappy top like this may not meet the dress code.  This outfit combo would also be perfect for a bridal or baby shower, or a summer luncheon.  You could also pair a denim jacket, white blazer, or short white cardigan with this outfit to make it more office friendly.

This yellow ruffle skirt is so fun and was a bit of an impulse buy.  I went to order more of these strappy camis during a sale, and I fell instantly in love with this print.  Yellow and ruffles are both turning into trends this summer too.  This skirt is really lightweight and has lots of movement, so it’s going to perfect to wear during the hottest days of summer.

Oh and I double checked and these earrings are officially back in stock in white for those of you who missed out last time I posted them HERE.  They are super lightweight and ya’ll white earrings goes with EVERYTHING!  If you want a statement earring that you can wear a bunch, I would really look into a white pair.

Alright you guys, thanks for taking some time out of your weekend to swing by.  I always appreciate it.  Ya’ll have a fabulous rest of your weekend and I will see you back here on Tuesday for a super casual summer outfit.

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Surviving the Heat Style + My Favorite Galveston Restaurants

Summer Vacation Outfit | Distressed Shorts | Gray Swing Tank | Lady in Violet | Houston Fashion Blogger

Summer outfit | gray Swing Tank top | distressed jean shorts | Lady in Violet | Houston Style Blogger

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Summer outfit | gray tank top | Distressed Denim Shorts | Lady in Violet | Houston Fashion Blogger

Hello lovelies! How was your week so far?  The hot Texas summer is officially here you guys.  June was a little cooler than normal, so I was beginning to think maybe it was going to be one of those summers where you don’t immediately start sweating as soon as you walk out the door.  I think July 1 hit and it was like Hello Heat!

While I love to always look cute and stylish, these hot summer days also have me craving lightweight and breathable wardrobe pieces that can help me last hours outdoors.  I love this top for just that kind of all day outside necessity.  It’s a thin material, but not overly sheer.  You don’t need to layer on another top underneath it, so it a great lightweight feel.  The swing tank style also help with air flow to keep you nice and cool with every breeze.

Shorts are always a good idea on a hot summer day.  These denim ones or my favorite cotton shorts are perfect to pair with tees and tanks.  These caged sandals were a highlight purchase last summer.  I walked all around Charleston in them, so they are comfy.  Plus the caged design helps keep your feet cool too.

I wore this outfit out in Galveston on a day we did a little exploring, and it definitely kept me nice and cool and super comfortable too.   A little bonus for today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to eat in Galveston, TX.  We love to always try and find a new restaurant or two every time we go, and of course stop back in to visit past favorites.

Best Restaurants in Galveston Texas for Brunch | Lady in Violet | Houston Blogger

Pictured Above: Oysters Benedict from Sunflower Bakery, Hot Lava Cake Sundae from Star Drug Store, Coffee and Mimosa from Porch Cafe,  Ceviche and Fried Green Tomatoes from Porch Cafe


Our meals in Galveston usually include a Brunch, late afternoon snack of coffee, and dinner.  We opt for a late breakfast (aka brunch) instead of lunch so we can have a full day to explore or hit the beach.


Mosquito Cafe – One of our favorites for weekend brunch!  They do get busy and usually have a line out the door, so I recommend arriving early.  This place is proof that real food can be delicious without all the bells and whistles.  Classic breakfast dishes, but oh so good.  They also serve my favorite Blue Mountain Coffee.  The dessert section is very tempting, and the Lemon cake is amazing.  They serve lunch and dinner, but we have only had brunch here.

Sunflower Bakery – This cafe came highly recommended, and I can see why!  I had the oysters benedict and practically licked my plate clean.  The oysters had such a fresh taste which moved this spot straight to our We’ll be back list.  We didn’t try the desserts, but they all looked amazing including a chocolate tart that I will probably try next time.  We were seated right away, but a wait was forming by the time we left.

Porch Cafe – This cafe is nestled in the middle of Beachtown.  This little neighborhood is charming and adorable and worth a stop by itself.  Porch cafe offers indoor and outdoor porch seating.   The design of the restaurant has a very southern feel to it.  We tried a few different dishes, and everything was delicious.  We both agreed the Seafood Au Gratin was one of the best dishes we have had in Galveston, like ever.  They also take reservations, WIN!

Farley Girls Cafe –  This restaurant has classic brunch dishes and a few fun flavor mixups.  My husband orders the OMG and loves it each time.  I love the Texas Eggs Benedict, but I also love just about any food smothered in queso.  This restaurant does get busy, but I have never had a long wait at all.  They also have a parking lot next door, but you have to get your parking validated by the restaurant.


Mod Coffee – If you need a morning or afternoon cup of coffee, Mod Coffeehouse is a cute little spot to stop in on.  If you enjoy your coffee there, you also get some pretty latte art.  My favorites are the Honey Bee and the Grasshopper.  On cooler days, they also have a small outdoor seating area on the sidewalk surrounded by vines.

Star Drug Store  – This cute little soda shop has a full menu, but it’s a perfect spot for an afternoon ice cream snack.  The decor is so cute, and the Lava Sundae is amazing!

La King’s Confectionery  – A must stop shop on the strand to get your sugar fix!  I always stop by to pick up a bag of salt water taffy and occasionally a little fudge.  They have hundreds of different kinds of candies.!  It’s fun to just walk around and check them all out. On certain days, you can also watch them make the taffy which is quite a sight to see!  The other side of the store is a soda fountain serving drinks and ice cream.


Rudy and Paco  – A nice romantic spot for an evening dinner.  The food is delicious too.  I can’t remember the exact dish I had, but I know it was one of the Red Snapper dishes and really good.  They do have a dress code during dinner.

Gaido’s Seafood Restaurant – I consider this one of those you have to eat their at least once places.  It’s one of those Galveston institutions.  I highly recommend reservations for dinner. This restaurant is a great place to come to for your seafood fix.

Fisherman’s Wharf  – A good handful of the restaurants on the island are part of the Landry’s group.  Of all of them, this one is my favorite. They have good classic seafood dishes.  They do tend to have a wait, so I recommend arriving early or making a reservation. The Shrimp Kisses are always a favorite of mine.

Mario’s Seawall Italian & Pizzeria  – A great place to come for a good classic Italian dinner.  I always get something different when we stop here, but the Viva Italy is a great mix of 3 Italian dinner classics.

If you have visited the island, I would love to hear about your favorite restaurants.  We are always on the hunt for more of the best places to eat in Galveston, TX.  Leave your recommendations in the comments, so we can add them to our list!

Best Places to Eat in Galveston, TX | Lady in Violet | Houston Blogger