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Navy & Green Embroidered Top

summer outfit | navy embroidered top with white jeans | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in violet

spring outfit | sleeveless embroidered top | silver necklace | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | nude colored block heel sandals | circle straw purse | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | navy green embroidered blouse with white skinny jeans | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in violet

Summer ready with my white jeans and navy blouse.  For Spring and Summer, I’ve been loving navy tops with a print that pops.  Remember this post!  Summer season is all about white jeans and shorts, and I think navy is good compliment.  The navy and white combo also helps create a dressier look when combined.

The navy, green and white combo on this top is so pretty.  The colors compliment each other perfectly and work really well with silver jewelry.  This navy and green embroidered top has loose and flowy fit perfect for being breathable on a hot summer day.  The length on this top is a little longer, so I think it pairs better with white jeans over shorts.   You could also pair with with gray jeans for a different look.

To keep the look a little dressier, I added in my nude-colored block heel sandals.   You can easily make this outfit more casual with an espadrille wedge or flat sandal.  If your weather is a little cooler, a denim jacket would work well over this top as long the two blues have a good contrast to them.

My weekend plans are not too exciting.  I decided to get rid of my storage unit, and I have until the end of June to move out of it.  I’m planning to start going through everything and begin the process this weekend.  I’ve had the unit for a couple years, and many of the things in there I don’t need or use.  I just wasn’t ready to donate or toss them at the time, so I hid them away in a storage unit.  I’m planning to go through every item and box in there and only bring back what I need, will use, and have space for.  What are your weekend plans? Hopefully more fun than mine!

spring outfit | navy green sleeveless top | white denim | Casual Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | navy green embroidered top with short silver necklace | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

dressy casual outfit | white skinny jeans with suede block heel sandals | Affordable Style Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | navy green sleeveless top with white skinny jeans | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


Simple Morning Skincare Routine

morning skincare routine steps | Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been playing with my skincare routines.  With the weather changing, my skin has different needs.  In winter, I focus my routine on all the hydration.  In the Spring and Summer, Houston’s humidity helps give me a hydration boost so I can work in more variety into my routine.  Over the past few months, I have slowly transitioned into this simple morning skincare routine that helps brighten, nourish, and protect.  I’m breaking down the steps and products for you below.


Step 1: De-Puffing Eye Cream or Eye Mask – My morning skincare routine starts with some sort of eye treatment.  On most weekday mornings, I use this de-puffing eye cream.  It’s quick and easy, and I think it helps with de-puffing my eyes in the morning and helping me look more awake.

On weekends or when I have a little more time in the morning, I like to apply a gel eye mask.  Most eye masks need to stay on for about 10-15 minutes.  It’s the perfect mix with coffee for a relaxing morning.  I’ve been using these Vitamin C masks to help brighten up my under eye.

Step 2: Vitamin C Serum –  After my eye treatment, I add a serum to my skin.  I’ll rotate these around but I really like using a Vitamin C Serum in the morning.  It helps brighten skin, improves collagen health, and helps with skin texture and uneven skintone.  The biggest benefit I like from using a Vitamin C Serum is the skin brightening and glow it gives my skin.

Step 3: Moisturizer –  I let my serum soak in for a minute or two, and then add on my moisturizer.  To help with anti-aging, I’ve been trying to add in more products that promote cell turnover.  I’ve read this process slows as we age and causes fine lines and dull skin.  I was excited to find this moisturizer that helps promote new cell turnover.  It has a lightweight feel, so it’s great for daytime and works well under makeup.

Step 4: Sunscreen – Once my moisturizer has time to absorb, I apply a thin layer of sunscreen.  In cooler months, I don’t always do this step.  As we head into summer, sunscreen is a staple in my skincare routine.   This one intrigued me because in addition to protecting against UVA/UVB rays, it also mentions blue light protection.  I like that it doesn’t feel oily, but it does have a very slight white look when applied.

Once I am done with that last step, I let everything set and soak in for a few minutes before moving into my makeup routine for the day.  All of these products work well under makeup which is a must for any product in my morning routine.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks, I will be breaking down my new evening skincare routine for you too.  It’s not as simple as this one, but these two routines together are making my skin look smoother and healthier.

skincare routine for anti aging in your 30s | Houston Beauty Blog Lady in Violet


Dark Floral Print Kimono + Gray Distressed Jeans

spring outfit | black floral print kimono with gray distressed jeans | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | black floral kimono over white tank top | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | light gray distressed jeans with black espadrille wedges | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | black floral print long sleeve kimono with light grey jeans | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Happy Friday!!! Good news ya’ll – thanks to all the memorial day sales, almost everything in today’s look is on sale!  This outfit has such a fun casual boho vibe, I love it.  This dark floral print kimono has so many fun details from the print, the lace trim, and the fun sleeves.  You could also pair it with a black tank top for a darker look, and black or dark wash jeans will help transition this kimono into fall later in the year.

For Spring, I paired it with some light gray jeans.  Gray jeans is a denim color I love for mixing up my looks from the more common shades of blue, black, and white.  I have a couple dark pairs, so a light gray pair was a must for Spring and Summer.  I think the lighter gray also helps pull out some of the lighter colors in the print too. FYI – I did size up one in these jeans.

To complete my look, I wanted to add in a black shoe to compliment the black in the top.  My espadrille wedges were perfect and really help the boho vibe of my overall look.  Even though I love neutral wedges, a black is also a good color to have on hand. It helps to balance out the look of dark top and light bottom.

I have a pretty low key weekend planned over here.  Definitely not my normal Memorial Weekend party plans, but I’m ok with that.  This time of year I usually have 101 things going on, and I’m just trying to keep up.  So I decided to take advantage of the slow and relaxing weekend and enjoy this moment of stillness and having a wide open schedule.   The way things are looking in Texas, it may not be long until I’m back in the office or hanging out with a friend or two in person or attending a small family gathering and trying to balance all the things again.

What are your plans for the long weekend? Plan take advantage of any Memorial Day Sales?

casual outfit | dark floral print kimono with light grey distressed jeans | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | dark floral kimono over white tank top | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | distressed light gray skinny jeans with black espadrille wedge sandals | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfits | dark floral print kimono with gray distressed jeans | Top Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


How to Pick the Right Shoes for Your Outfit

how to pick the right shoes for your outfit | spring outfits | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

I’m pretty sure I buy more shoes in the Spring than any other season.  This season though my shoe buying has been a little light since I’m mostly wearing the same 3 or so pairs for workouts and quick errands.  Shoes are definitely still my shopping weakness and my favorite part of any outfit.  A simple shoe swap can change the look and style of your outfit.

Continuing with our how to styling tips series, I’m sharing how to pick the right shoes for your outfit this Spring and Summer season.  I started with this really fun blue and white swing cami top and paired it with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans.  The thing I love about this top is the ability to dress it up or down with shoes and accessories.  Also, it’s super comfy!!!

spring outfit | blue cami top with dark wash jeans | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Open Toed Sandals & Booties | similiar

Open-toed sandals and booties give a chic casual look.  This shoe makes me feel a little dressed up with the block heel and mule slide style, but the open toe sandal look gives more of a casual look.  This shoe is great for boho chic looks.

summer outfit | blue white swing top | tory burch sandals | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Flat Sandals

A classic flat sandal is a go to for running a few errands or a hot summer day.  If I’m headed to an outdoor spot with an uneven ground in the summer like a backyard or rocky outdoor patio, I like to grab these sandals.  The patent look has a dressy feel, but also a super casual look.

casual outfit | blue camisole top | bow flats | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Bow Flats

The perfect work to weekend shoe!  I added these bow slide flats to my shoe closet in March as a great shoe for work in Spring and Summer.  They easily dress up a look, but the flat design keep them comfy.  Another great option for an outdoor event on uneven ground.

casual outfit | blue cami swing top with brown booties | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Suede Booties

While I don’t wear my booties as much in the hottest parts of summer, I do love the look in the early parts of spring and in September aka still summer temps but I want to feel fall.  Brown suede booties give a casual look to an outfit and can be helpful during transitional parts of the seasons.  These booties make a summer cami more Spring and Fall appropriate.

summer outfit | blue babydoll cami | block heel sandals | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Block Heel Sandals

Instantly dress up any outfit with a pair of block heel sandals!  These heels are my favorite dress shoe for summer!  You can wear them with dresses and jeans for a nice dressed up look, plus the block heel makes them pretty comfy too.

casual summer outfit | white cami top with brown wedge sandals | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Espadrille Wedge Sandals | similar

I’m ending with a Spring and Summer classic – the espadrille wedge sandal.  It has that perfect casual vibe for a day out and about or a casual evening with friends.  A wedge sandal will give your jeans that casual look, but feel a little nicer than a flat sandal.  Espadrille wedges can also help dress down an outfit too like with a dress or fancier top.

spring shoes | outfit ideas with different shoes | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

One top, 6 different looks all with the quick change of your shoes.  Which shoe choice is your favorite?