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Pink Cold Shoulder Top + Tory Burch Sandals Review

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger, wears a pink cold shoulder top with distressed jeans and tory burch sandals for spring outfit inspiration.

Pink Cold Shoulder top for spring and Kendra Scott Rae Necklace.

Houston fashion blogger styles a cute casual weekend outfit featuring a pink cold shoulder top with distressed jeans and a straw clutch.

Spring accessories including tassel bracelets and a straw clutch with white tassels.

Houston style blogger styles the spring trend a pink cold shoulder top with pink tassel bracelets.

Houston fashion blogger Karen Rock styles a pink cold shoulder top for a weekend outfit.

Casual weekend outfit ideas featuring distressed jeans and a pink cold shoulder top.

Lady in Violet shares what jewelry to wear with a cold shoulder top.

Houston fashion blogger shares her Tory Burch sandals review for the Miller sandal in sand patent.

Houston fashion blogger wears a vince camuto cold shoulder top and distressed jeans with the Tory Burch miller sandals for a spring outfit idea.

Hello friends!  Today I’m restyling my original cold shoulder top from last spring.   This pink cold shoulder top was what originally made me fall in love with the trend.  And good news, it’s back in stock this season and in a few new colors! The straps help hold the top in place, so no dealing with the bands like often used in off the shoulder.  A few of cold shoulder tops have really thick bands, so you can wear a normal bra too!  Last time on the blog, I paired it with white jeans and wedges (you can check it out here), so this time I wanted to show a more dressed down look.

These Tory Burch sandals were my birthday present to me last year. 🙂 #treatyourself  Ya’ll they are really comfy, and I don’t normally find flip-flop type sandals comfortable at all.   I have another pair of Tory sandals that hurt my feet after a few hours, but these are slightly padded adding extra comfort and making it easier to walk in.  I also think the large logo design helps support the foot and hold it in place also helping in comfort.  They are pricey, and rarely go on sale, but since I am signed up for the exclusive emails on the Tory Burch website I received a $50 discount during my birthday month.  I went back and forth probably for most of the month, and finally bought them figuring I could always return them.  I wear these ALL the time.  If I’m not wearing wedges, I usually slip these on during the summer.  I like that they do still dress up an outfit a bit, but because they are a flat sandal they also dress it down.  Sizing note: I ordered a half size up.

Distressed jeans are also one of my go to pieces for creating a casual look, even though my dad comments on how he will put holes in my jeans for free.  Gotta love dads, right! 🙂  If you have a top that can come off a little dressy, a great pair of distressed jeans is an easy way to bring it down a notch into a more casual look.  Especially when paired with flat casual sandals.  The jeans linked are the same brand as mine just slightly different distressing.   I have had mine for close to a year and they are still in good shape, not too bad for under $100!

I found a few more super cute cold shoulder tops that would will be perfect paired with distressed jeans or white jeans like in the original post.  Happy Friday and have a fabulous weekend ya’ll!

cute cold shoulder tops for spring

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE

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Navy Ruffle Bib Top

Houston fashion blogger shares a spring outfit idea including a JCrew ruffle bib tee and white jeans.

Lady in Violet wears a navy ruffle bib sleeveless tee with white jeans.

Houston style blogger shows what to wear with white jeans for some spring outfit inspiration.

Spring outfit including white jeans, nude heels, and a navy sleeveless top.

Karen Rock, a Houston fashion blogger, wears the Jcrew sleeveless top, straw clutch, and gives a paige white denim review.

Lady in Violet styles a summer outfit including white jeans and a navy ruffle tee with heels.

Houston fashion blogger shares a paige white denim review and carries the elaine turner straw tassel clutch.

A navy ruffle bib top and more spring outfit ideas.

Houston fashion blogger shares weekend outfit ideas for spring including white jeans.

Hello friends! Welcome to Wednesday!  So I am officially on the final week countdown of my whole 30 you guys!  I can taste the wine it’s so close. 🙂  Seriously though, I can’t believe it’s almost over.  I’ll be sharing a little review, so if you have any questions be sure to let me know so I can try to include them.

With Spring in full swing, you can expect to see a whole lot more of my white jeans on the blog.   These Paige ones are my personal favorite.  They have decent stretch without losing shape throughout the day, and most important of all the things – they are not see through!  Shorter tops are a thing right now, so thicker white jeans are a must.  These are a little pricey, but I know April marks the start of a few Friends & Family sales.  I’ll let you know if I find them in one. (update: Just saw they are 25% off HERE!) I’m planning on buying a 2nd pair because I wear mine so much.

The color I pair most with my white jeans is probably blue (last seen here).  I love them with a good navy.  This top has a few great things going for it.   One, the navy portion is super soft t-shirt material, so really comfy.  Two, the striped ruffle bib top adds just the perfect amount of something special.   I have also seen some with an open lace design and a ruffle.  Three, this top can be worn for work or play.  I would rock this outfit to date night, brunch, or a Spring patio party.  You can change out the jeans and tuck this into a colorful pink or yellow or even plain white pencil skirt and head to the office.  The bib design gives it that versatility to work for multiple occasions.

A cute ruffle bib top like this is also going to be essential come summer to pair with shorts.  It’s lightweight and sleeveless, perfect for the heat.  I found a few more cute bib tops below that I had to share!  Ya’ll have a good rest of the week.

Cute spring tops with a bib design

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Tips for Taming Frizz & Surviving Humidity

Houston blogger shares her hair care tips for taming frizz and surviving humidity.

The best oils to control frizzy hair.

Houston blogger shares hair care tips for surviving humidity.

How this Houston blogger survives gulf coast humidity and tames frizzy hair.

Happy Monday friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I did a little spring cleaning and enjoyed some time outside in our beautiful spring weather.  It was a very relaxing and rejuvenating weekend.  I feel so ready to tackle this upcoming week.

I have been wanting to write this beauty post for awhile now, but I’m always trying new products so I kept delaying it. Well, no more even if I have to write an update in like 6 months.  First let’s start with a little hair back story.  A little fun fact, I have naturally curly hair.  I would say similar to Carrie Bradshaw, but not as cute in my opinion.  Growing up, I always longed for straight hair.  You can’t brush naturally curly hair, if you put it up in a ponytail then you risk frizzing out your curls, and you definitely can’t play with or touch your hair too much or frizzy curls.  PLUS, some days my hair will naturally dry into gorgeous be jealous curls and other days I get just a hot mess of half curly/half waviness.  In its defense though, naturally curly hair can be easy to fix and is nice for rainy days or days at the beach.

Also, I live in Houston where a majority of our days our humid.  I first realized how humidity affected my hair in high school on a trip to NYC.  My hair looked fabulous while I was there.  It was then that the light bulb went off, and I realized just how poofy humidity made my hair.  I have spent YEARS trying different products to get straight frizz free hair that doesn’t immediately turn to a wavy frizzy mess as soon as I walk out the door.  These are some of my current favorite products, although as mentioned in the beginning I’m always trying something new, and still searching for the next miracle serum.


I mainly use two oils on my hair – coconut and argan.   Every few weeks to once a month, I do an overnight hair mask with coconut oil.  I apply it all over, sleep in a throw-away shower cap, and shower out in the morning.  This treatment leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy.  Healthy hair means less breakage and helps reduce frizz.

Argan oil is another great frizz fighting oil.  Lately, I have been primarily using pure argan oil after I blow dry my hair.  I apply a blow dry straightening balm (which also helps defend against frizz and humidity),  blow dry with a round brush, and then apply a very small amount of argan oil to the end of my hair.  Think anything that would hang out of a low ponytail.  I also use Moroccan oil which is argan oil with added extracts on my hair when it’s wet but I’m going to let it air dry.  Both add nutrients to your hair to help repair damage and promote healthy growth.   Fun bonus use for pure argan oil – I rub a little on my nails between polishes to help strengthen them.

When shopping for these oils, I try to find the ones that are cold pressed, unrefined, and very limited added ingredients usually just added extracts like in the Moroccan oil.


My Chi is my ride or die hair straightener.   It smooths and straightens quickly, and it lasts all day.  When I first started straightening my hair, I could have the smoothest hair and then an hour later – POOF BALL!  My hairdresser recommended the Chi because the ceramic plates left hair shiny, smooth and fought frizz.   I have tried others , but I always end up coming back to my Chi because it performs the best on humid days.


Dry shampoo is not just for days when your don’t want to wash your hair.  You can also add a little to help absorb the added moisture that causes hair to go haywire in humidity.   On days with 90% and above humidity, I add in just a little bit of dry shampoo to my roots on the top and back of my head by parting my hair down the middle.  Bonus this also adds a little bit of volume too.


Another product to try is a humidity spray.  I have been using this one for a few years and it works pretty well.   I don’t use it everyday, but I use it a lot more often during spring and especially summer when humidity is a little higher.  It’s also great for days when you know you will be outside a lot.  I spray this on after I straighten my hair, but before I curl and add hairspray.  I find this placement in my routine to be the most effective.  While I spray all over my hair, I focus on areas around my face that tend to be the most affected by humidity.


Some days I can do all the things and use all the products, but humidity will win.  On these days, I reach in my purse and pull out my little hair emergency kit as I like to call it.  It is filled with hair ties both black and clear, bobby pins, a mini hair clip, and a thick and thin head band.  Because when all the products fail, a quick up do is the best solution.

If you live in a humid climate or are heading to one on a summer vacation, I hope my tips will help you do so with great frizz free hair.   Because let’s be real, you want to have as many cute and fabulous vacation pics as possible, and you don’t want a bad hair day to ruin that!  Thanks for stopping by you guys!


Spring Trends: Red One Shoulder Top

Houston fashion blogger styles a spring outfit idea including a red one shoulder top with distressed jeans and heels.

Spring fashion trends of 2017 including a one shoulder top with embroidered details.

Karen Rock, a Houston fashion blogger, wears a red one shoulder top for spring outfit inspiration.

Lady in Violet wears a spring casual weekend outfit with heels, jeans, and a one shoulder top.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger, carries a cute spring clutch with white tassels and wears ag distressed jeans and steve madden stecy sandals.

Houston fashion blogger wears the Asos red one shoulder top and the elaine turner sonata bag for spring outfit inspiration.

Houston fashion blogger styles spring outfit ideas with a one shoulder top and distressed jeans.

Houston fashion blogger shares what to wear with distressed jeans for a summer outfit idea.

Houston fashion blogger styles a summer party outfit idea including a red one shoulder top with jeans and a cute clutch.

Fashion blogger shows houston street style in a spring outfit idea featuring a red one shoulder top with distressed jeans.

Red One Shoulder Top  |  Distressed Jeans  |  Nude Sandals  |  c/o Elaine Turner Clutch 25% off with code FAMILY |  Earrings  |  Pave Bracelet  |  Gold Bangle  |  Rayban Aviators  |  Nails: Julep Shari  |  Lips: MAC Craving

One popular spring fashion trend right now is to show a little shoulder.  I have shown you a little off the shoulder and a little cold shoulder, but today is all about my long time favorite the one shoulder look.  I have always had a special place in my fashion loving heart for a one shoulder piece.  So of course since they are popular right now, I’m wanting to buy all of them.

I find these tops to be really comfortable.  With off the shoulders, you often can have limited arm movement or the top keeps popping up and cold shoulder is usually long sleeve so I am not going to want to wear much in a Texas summer.  I mean these aren’t deal breaker reasons for me because I’m totally still buying them, but it’s why I’m happy to see one shoulder tops coming in strong this season too. One shoulders can be sleeveless for hot days, and that one strap means no dealing with keeping your top in place or limited arm movement.

Right now, many of them have these really pretty ruffle details on the shoulder.  I love the scalloped and embroidered details on this red one shoulder top.  A small sizing note on this one, I typically size up with this site because of UK sizing to a US6, but with this one I went with my regular size of US4.  It has a lot of material in the middle, so the smaller size kept it from looking too bulky.

Before you run off to start your day, I have to mention a few really good sales going on right now!

ELAINE TURNER – My Spring Must have clutch that I cannot stop wearing is 25% off this weekend along with the entire site with code FAMILY.  I recommend giving this Friends & Family sale a browse.  Elaine makes some really fun purses and gorgeous shoes!

NORDSTROM – Attention Nordstrom Cardholders, we are in a triple points period!  Now through the 26th you can earn triple points on all your Nordstrom card purchases!! This is my favorite weekend to get my spring shopping on!  Currently eyeing these shoes, what do ya’ll think? yay or no?

HENRI BENDEL – Needing a fun new purse for spring?  Henri Bendel is having a Private Sale with up to 60 % off select items! Sale ends TODAY!

PHOTO CREDIT: This Lavender Life