How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

how to prevent dry winter skin | winter skincare tips | Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

products to prevent and treat dry winter skin | hydrating skincare | Popular Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

Winter months usually leave my skin a bit on the dry side. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying out different types of products to help keep my skin hyrdrated during the winter months.  This season, I have really noticed an improvement and wanted to share a few products and  tips on how to prevent dry winter skin that have worked for me.


OILS – I’m a big fan of face oils year round.  During other seasons, I try to use them about twice a week.  For winter I doubled that with around 4 days of use.  I apply them in the evening.  I think this was one of the biggest contributors to my skin staying so hydrated this season.  I have a few favorites, but my current one is this anti-aging one.  I always think fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable when my skin is dry, so I figured adding in some anti-aging goodies would only improve the look of my skin during the winter.

HYDRATING FACE MASKS – I’ve tried a varieties of face masks during the winter months.  My best results came from using a hydrating or moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week.   One of my top hydrating masks is the Hydro Boost sheet masks.  I rotate between the hydrating one and a purifying one for days I want a little extra cleaning.  These suction to your face pretty well and stay in place.  After I take the mask off, my skin feels so soft and smooth!

BEAUTY WATER – I switched out my microneedling tool for this beauty water during the winter months.  Tatcha’s The Essence seemed to offer similar features as microneedling by helping your skincare products better absorb.  I wrote a whole blog post about my experience with this product a few weeks ago if you want to read more!  In addition to enhanced product absorption, the essence also gives a hydration boost.  (Noticing a theme to my product faves – it’s all about hydrating!)

HYDRATING MOISTURIZERS – I switched out my morning face lotion for this gel one.  It promises 72 hours of hydration!  It’s super lightweight and feels more like a serum than a moisturizer when applying.  I really like the lightweight feel, and I could also feel my skin soaking it in.  I had no issues using this under my makeup.  Once I switched to this product in the mornings, I noticed a difference in my skin throughout the day and definitely think it keeps my skin hydrated all day as promised.

HYDRATING SERUMS – On nights that I did not use an oil, I opted for this hydrating serum.  You can use it stand alone or mix it with other serums to help lock them in.  I usually use this with my retinol, but tried it out with a Vitamin C Serum with pretty good results.


Outside of adding in all the hydrating products to my skincare routine this winter, I also focused on taking a break from other items that could dry out my skin.  One key product I passed on this winter was a retinol.  While I think a retinol delivers great results, it can sometimes have a drying effect on my skin.  Not a problem during the summer, but something I didn’t want in months when my skin is already on the drier side.

I also opted for gentler exfoliating products.  Instead of exfoliating masks with beads, I opted for smooth charcoal masks.  I did still want some kind of exfoliating, so a few days a week I would use a face brush in the shower with my face wash.  It felt super gentle and left me with that smooth feeling I attain from masks with exfoliating beads. I used the face mitt from this set, but I found similar ones online.

Last, I made sure to drink plenty of water!  It’s the ultimate hydrator!  What tips and products do you use to prevent dry skin in the winter??  Share in the comments below!


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