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Florals for Spring

spring outfit | teal floral top | white denim | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | teal floral sleeveless top | straw circle purse | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | floral aqua blouse | white skinny jeans | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | white skinny jeans | neutral block heel sandals | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual spring outfit | sleeveless floral blouse with white jeans | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Hello friends!  Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first.  With everything going on, I’m still hoping and planning to keep my little space as normal as possible.  This blog has always been my creative outlet, and I find calm in the consistency and routine of putting together content.  My hope is during the next few weeks to provide you with a space you can visit when you need something lighthearted and well routine.  It feels weird at times to be talking about beauty and fashion with so much going on, but it also makes me still feel connected to others and as someone who lives alone, I think that’s important.  So know that by continuing my normal content, I am not being insensitive to what is happening around us, I’m just coping in my own way.

Now, let’s get back to spring fashion!  I added a few animal prints to my closet for spring, but I’m not leaving my favorite spring print out in the cold.  This season, I have been drawn to the more feminine and smaller floral prints.  I think this teal floral spring top is the perfect example of the kind of print I’m talking about.  It has such a delicate look to it, and the additional details on the top really help add to the overall feminine, romantic feel.

White jeans were an obvious choice for me with this top. White really helps colors pop and makes this light teal standout.  It also compliments the white on the floral design and brings this to a more prominent view when looking at the print.  If you wanted to pull out the darker details like the leaves, you could achieve this with a pair of dark blue jeans.

Thanks for stopping by friends and stay safe and healthy out there!

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casual summer outfit | blue floral top with white skinny jeans | Southern Style Blog Lady in Violet

warm weather outfit | sleeveless floral blouse with white denim jeans | Budget Friendly Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | teal floral print blouse | taupe block heel sandals | Casual Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


How to Stay Motivated to Workout

how to keep your workout motivation going after the new year | Lifestyle Blogger Lady in Violet

lululemon workout clothes for women | black fitness jacket | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

lululemon leggings for petites | pace crop in teal | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

how to stay motivated to workout | lululemon workout clothes | Healthy Living Blog Lady in Violet

staying motivated for working out with busy lifestyle | cute gym clothes | Everyday Fashion blog Lady in Violet

January comes around, and we are all about the healthy habits and hitting the gym and cardio classes almost daily.  February kicks in and starts strong, but we start slipping and skipping our workouts.  March hits with a reminder that swimsuit season is approaching and we go searching for motivation to get back into the gym. I always notice the gym and my cardio classes fill up every January and by March suddenly many of the new kids are gone leaving just the regulars.

In addition to physical benefits of exercise, I also love the mental and emotional benefits.  Regular workouts keep my energy levels high, my focus and productivity raised, and help me stay in a good, positive mood.   I do however fall prey to workout slumps (usually when I start getting really busy or eating unhealthy) when I just lose my motivation. I know I need to get back to my workouts, and the perks are so good but I struggle to get back into exercise sometimes.  Below are a few of my tips for breaking through the slump and getting back into a workout routine.

Add variety to your workouts.

Mix it up whether that be trying a new cardio machine at the gym, a new workout class, or taking your gym workout to the outdoors.  Whenever I feel myself starting to lose motivation, I find someway to change up my routine. For gym days, I always try to rotate the machines to keep my variety constant.  My goal is to not do the same cardio back to back.  If you are more of a class person, try a new studio or class.  I love using ClassPass for this purpose.  I’m able to head to a different studio and class whenever I want.

Schedule a class.

This brings me to my next tip, schedule a class!  If I have paid for a class, I am going to go.  I’m much more likely to skip out on gym time.  Whenever I start skipping my gym workouts, I add in a few extra classes.  A few of my favorites to help kickstart me are spin class, megaformer pilates, yoga, and barre.  My experience is that these workouts help motivate me to get back to the gym too.

Commit to just 20 or 30 minutes.

When I have zero motivation to get up and go to they gym, I tell myself that I only have to go for 20 or 30 minutes and then I can leave.  I pick a time limit that sounds short and not so bad.  Majority of the time, I end up doing a full workout.  A few times, I have left after my required 20 minutes because some days you just are not feeling it.

Find a new playlist, audio book, or podcast.

If you need a distraction while you knock out your cardio, audio books and podcasts are perfect!  I like to do a mix of high and low intensity cardio.  Incline walking on a treadmill with an audio book has become one of my favorite ways to get in an hour of light cardio.  For my high intensity days, I’ll look for new music on Spotify to give me new motivation and to keep pushing.

Phone a friend.

Call in some reinforcements! Meet them to try a new studio or class, go for a walk at a local park, or just be each others accountability partner at the gym.  A few years ago, some friends and I would do fitbit challenges each week.  It was a fun way to motivate each other to get our steps in daily without having to live near each other.

Put your workout clothes on.

Just get dressed.  I do this on weekends and evenings when it’s easy to get distracted by other more fun things like binge watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram.  I’ve also had friends sleep in their workout clothes for a quick morning workout.

Schedule it.

If a busy schedule is keeping you from your workouts, then start scheduling gym time in your calendar or set a specific time or day that will be designated for workouts.

What tips help you keep your workout motivation?  Share them in the comments below and maybe they can help someone else kickstart that motivation!

Define Jacket | Pace Rival Leggings (teal sold out) | Similar Sneakers | Tote Bag | Water Bottle

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how to buy lululemon cheap | pace crop leggings | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

cardio workout clothes | lululemon define jacket | Daily Style blog Lady in Violet

what to wear to a workout class | leggings for cardio | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

how to stay motivated to workout | | lululemon leggings and define jacket | Lifestyle Blog Lady in Violet

cute workout clothes for cardio class | lululemon leggings | Popular Lifestyle Blog Lady in Violet


Leopard Print Kimono

fall outfit | long leopard print kimono | brown booties | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | leopard print kimono over all black outfit | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

casual outfit | leopard printed kimono with black skinny jeans | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual spring outfit | leopard kimono | stone bangle bracelets | Budget Friendly Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual fall outfit | long leopard kimono | black double o ring belt | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite closet adds for spring – this leopard print kimono!  I have had my eye on this kimono since last summer.   It’s one of those pieces that I know I can style from spring through fall.  The length on this one is also perfect for my petite 5’3 height.

For a super chic look perfect for Spring or Fall, I paired my kimono with an all black outfit.  I added in my gold double o ring belt to break up the full black look a little.  For shoes, I added in my brown booties but wedges, sandals or flats would work too I chose brown to work with the brown shades in the kimono and be a pop against the black.

For summer, I plan to style this kimono over shorts and tank tops and get a dual use as a swimsuit coverup.  This leopard print kimono also pairs perfectly with a black fitted dress.  Another causal option would be distressed jeans, a white tank top, and black block heel sandals.  Stay tuned to those monthly outfit roundups because I have a strong feeling this kimono will be on major repeat over the next few months!

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fall outfit | leopard kimono | black leather backpack purse | Casual Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | leopard print kimono over black tank top | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

chic fall outfit with leopard print kimono and brown booties | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

petite outfit with leopard print kimono and black jeans | Daily Style Blog Lady in Violet


How to Build the Perfect Rodeo Outfit

how to build the perfect rodeo outfit | putting together an outfit from scratch | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

I’m doing something a little different for today’s post and sharing a little insight into how I put an outfit together.  One thing I hear so much from people is wanting help with how to put cute outfits together.  You have the clothes, but don’t know what to do with them.  The process of styling and putting together an outfit is so much fun to me, and I figured it might be helpful to share a little of my thought process when I build an outfit.

Since it’s rodeo season here in Houston, I figured I would start with how to build the perfect rodeo outfit.  Keep scrolling to see my getting ready process, and let me know what you think of this style of post in the comments!

how to put together an outfit | red floral blouse | skinny jeans | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

All outfits start with a base.  My look today is a simple top and jeans look.  For rodeo season, many of my outfits start with a cute floral print top and dark wash skinny jeans. The red floral print gave me lots of western wear vibes! I also love the banded sleeve, so I can easily push them if I get warm.

how to style an outfit | red long sleeve floral print top with brown double circle belt | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

This top has a flowy feel to it and hides my shape, so I added in my brown belt to give more definition to my waist line.   I chose my brown belt because it matches my only pair of cowboy boots.

cute rodeo outfit | brown cowboy boots | red floral blouse | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Next up, SHOES! It is the rodeo, so this was an easy shoe decision.  I grabbed my good old cowboy boots.  If you don’t have cowboy boots, a cute pair of brown booties or tall brown leather boots will work too.  My boots are older, and I’m considering upgrading to this pair.

how to create a casual outfit | gold statement earrings | red long sleeve top | Southern Style Blog Lady in Violet

Clothes and shoes are done, now it’s time to accessorize!  Since the print on this top and the multiple style details are kind of busy, I opted for more simple jewelry.  I added my gold necklace that was the perfect length for the v-neck design of the top.  For earrings, I went with a gold and white pair. I like that the white helps bring out the white of the print in the top.

houston rodeo outfit idea | western wear | cowboy boots | Southern Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Last up for this outfit, pick a purse!  My tan leather crossbody purse works perfectly for this outfit.  The brown compliments the red top and works with the other brown shades in my outfit.  The small size is also perfect for a crowded rodeo and the crossbody strap keeps my hands free to enjoy all the yummy food and shopping!

And there you go! All the steps on how I built my rodeo outfit.  If you would like to see more posts like this let me know in the comments or in my Spring Survey.  If you have an outfit or item you would like me to work into a similar post, you can leave that on the survey too!

Thanks for stopping by this week ya’ll and have a great weekend!