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What to Wear to the Houston Rodeo

Houston Fashion Blogger shares what to wear to the Houston Rodeo including an embroidered dress and cowboy boots.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger styles a rodeo outfit idea featuring a denim vest and embroidered dress.

Lady in Violet a Houston blogger styles a houston rodeo outfit idea including cowboy boots, a fit and flare dress, and crossbody saddle bag.

Houston Style Blogger wears a country music festival outfit including a floral embroidered dress with a denim vest and cowboy boots.

Karen Rock, a Houston Fashion Blogger shares what to wear to the rodeo including denim.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based Fashion Blogger shares what to wear with cowboy boots including a floral short dress with a vest.

Lady in Violet, houston fashion blogger styles a rodeo outfit idea including an embroidered dress, denim vest, and cowboy boots.

Lady in Violet, a texas fashion blogger styles a boho chic outfit for a music festival including an embroidered dress and vest.

Houston Fashion Blogger styles a rodeo outfit including beaded tassel bracelets, an embroidered dress, and saddle bag.

Lady in Violet, a Houston Fashion Blogger shares what to wear to the Houston Rodeo cookoff.

We are just two weeks away from the Houston Rodeo you guys!!  If you have never heard of it, think yummy bbq and fried foods, horses, bull riding, carnival rides, and big name concerts, plus my favorite part – a fun little wine garden.  It’s a huge event held every March in Houston and last about 3 weeks.  All the fun starts March 2nd, and today I am sharing what to wear to the Houston Rodeo.   This outfit would work for really any rodeo or country music concert.  Honestly, in Texas this could easily work as a brunch outfit too.

I like my rodeo outfits to have small nods to western wear without being full blown.  This year, I paired embroidered details with denim and suede.  Our weather is a bit warmer this year, so I decided a dress would be a safe to wear.  I adore the fit and flare look of this one.  The embroidery is so gorgeous, and it’s also on the back of the bottom of the dress too.  For a chillier evening you could pair this with a denim jacket, but for a beautiful warm day I would go with a denim vest.  I love that it let’s the details on the sleeves be seen.

Of course, no rodeo outfit is complete without a pair of cowboy boots.  If you don’t have a pair, booties or riding boots will work too.  Keep in mind the event involves lots of walking and a little bit of dirt, so try to find something comfortable that can get a little dirty.

If you are in Houston or planning a trip, you should definitely try to make a stop at the rodeo.  There is lots to see, do, and eat.  I highly recommend it!  I’m suddenly craving a funnel cake and glass of wine.  Ya’ll have good weekend, and thanks for swinging by today.


Embroidered Rose Blouse

Houston Fashion Blogger wears a date night outfit including a gray striped blouse and gray jeans with suede mules.

Lady in Violet, a Houston based fashion blogger, styles a rose embroidered blouse and shares how to half tuck a shirt in jeans.

Houston Style Blogger shares what to wear with gray skinny jeans for a date night outfit.

Karen Rock, a Houston based personal style blogger, wears a striped rose embroidered blouse with gray skinny jeans for date night.

Houston personal style blogger wears a dressed up casual outfit for happy hour including a floral embroidered blouse and gray jeans.

Lady in Violet, a houston based style blogger wears a weekend outfit idea including a striped blouse with gray jeans and suede mules.

Lady in Violet, a Houston Fashion Blogger wears a rose embroidered blouse that would be perfect for the Beauty and Beast movie night.

Lady in Violet shares how to wear gray skinny jeans for date night.

Houston Fashion Blogger styles a date night outfit with a half tucked in blouse and skinny jeans with mule heels.

I have always been a lover of gorgeous floral embroidery.  Every year, I buy a top or a dress with some embroidery on it.  I started noticing it becoming more popular, but it wasn’t until I received a few different orders on the same day that I realized I was a little obsessed.   I can’t help myself, it’s just so pretty.

This embroidered rose blouse had a few different things I like about it.  One obviously the gorgeous embroidered flower that sits on your shoulder both front and back.  This flower totally reminds me of the rose from Beauty and the Beast!  I think about it every time I look at it.  (Totally off topic, but really excited for the movie!)    I also loved the gray stripes.  It made this blouse feel a little different than your average button down, and I felt it could easily work in both an office and date night setting.  This blouse has a slightly higher side slit than a normal blouse.  I kind of liked this because it made it easier to do the cool girl partial tuck in.  I have never liked it with a normal blouse, but the higher slit made it work better with this blouse.

This top pairs perfectly with a black pencil skirt for work.  For a cute weekend look, I stuck to the gray theme and paired it with my gray skinny jeans and suede mules.  To make the rose color stand out, I added a pink clutch to help pull the rose out from all the gray.  You could do a double movie date night to see 50 Shades Darker and Beauty and the Beast and be theme dressed for both. 🙂 Hope ya’ll are having a good week so far, thanks for swinging by!


Best Drugstore Foundations | Current Fave Four

Lady in Violet, a Houston based blogger shares her best drugstore foundation with a in depth review.

About a year ago, I decided to change up my makeup routine and switch over to liquid foundation.  I have spent the time since trying a variety of different brands and formulas.  Today, I am revealing the best drugstore foundations that I have come across over the past year and a review on why I recommend each one.  I based most of my rating on coverage, longevity, and pore blurring abilities.  In each review, I tried to find a drawback because let’s be real no product is perfect.  I personally like hearing both the good and bad of products, so it was important to me to share that with you too.

This was the first foundation I tried when I made the switch to liquid.  I started here because it had great reviews and the most affordable price tag.  It is the least expensive of all 4.  I prefer a matte no shine finish, and I love that about this one.  I found this one worked great for redness coverage, but I still needed a little concealer to fully cover the dark under eye area.  The coverage length is probably the worst of the four, and I noticed a little pore sinking by the end of the day.  If you pair this one with a primer, it greatly enhances the pore coverage and longevity!  It comes in 24 different shades.  I love foundations with lots of shade options, because it increases the odds of finding the perfect match to my skintone.

Of all 4, this one has the best coverage and lasts the longest.  This foundation covered everything from a little redness to a small undereye darkness.  It blurred my pores and didn’t sink into them throughout the day.  By the end of the workday, my foundation coverage still looked much like it had after first applying.  Downside to this one, the number of shade options.  I could only find 12 different options online, and my store seemed to have less than that.

This one gets a big boost for the shade options, 35 in all!  The coverage lasts a full work day and then some which is great when you have a happy hour planned after work.  This one was my favorite for surviving our hot humid weather.  It covered both redness and a darker under eye area.  Okay, I couldn’t think of a negative on this one.  It’s a pretty good foundation, probably why people love it so much.

The first time I applied this one, I did not think I was going to like it.  It combines a foundation and moisturizing with Olay.  This makes it go on to start with a dewy look, but it sets more matte after a minute.  The added moisture really makes my skin glow all day.  No pore sinking and all work day coverage plus happy hour.  This one was the best of not sinking into fine lines and forehead wrinkles.  It still does a bit, but the best drugstore foundation I have found for this.  The downside to this one, it is one of the more expensive drugstore foundations I have tried.  Also, I think the added moisture can sometimes make it hard to apply evenly if I don’t let my spf morning moisturizer fully soak in before applying.

So which was my favorite?  If I had to buy again, I would probably go with the bottom two.  I loved all the color options and coverage of the Revlon one, and the Covergirl’s added moisturizing helped keep my skin glowing and prevented pore and wrinkle settling.


Casual Friday Style for Winter

Lady in Violet, a Houston based Fashion Blogger styles a Casual Friday outfit for winter including a black ribbed knit sweater and flared jeans.

Houston Fashion Blogger wears a JCrew black ribbed knit sweater with the Vera Bradley sagebrush satchel in mesa brown.

Lady in Violet, a Houston style blogger wears a casual Friday office outfit with flared jeans and a black sweater.

Karen Rock, a Houston based fashion blogger wears a casual winter outfit including a black fitted sweater and bootcut jeans with heels.

Lady in Violet, a Houston fashion blogger carries a brown satchel tote bag for work.

Houston Fashion Blogger styles a casual Friday outfit for the winter season.

Lady in Violet, a Houston Fashion Blogger styles a casual weekend outfit for date night with jeans.

Houston Fashion Blogger shared what to wear with a fitted black sweater for casual Friday at work.

Lady in Violet, a Houston style blogger shares what to wear with flared bootcut jeans to work.

Karen Rock the Houston fashion blogger behind Lady in Violet wears a casual Friday office outfit for winter including a black sweater, flared jeans and lace up heels.

Happy Friday!!  I am so ready for the weekend.  I’m headed to a little Galentine’s Happy Hour with some of my gal pals tonight.  One of my friends got engaged last weekend, and I am ready to see that ring in person!

I am closing out the winter outfit inspiration on the blog today with this casual outfit filled with closet staples.  A black crewneck fitted sweater is a must have in my closet.  It works with everything from distressed jeans and sneakers to flared jeans and heels for a casual look, and a pencil skirt or slacks for the office.   I love the ribbed knit ones because they usually have a little stretch to them.   Skinny jeans are my go to, but sometimes I like to mix it up with a wide boot cut or flared leg jean.  I think it makes this outfit look a little more professional.  It could easily work in the office and be the perfect casual Friday outfit for winter.

For shoes, I went with my office wear favorite the black lace up heel.  I love the look of a pointy toe peeking through the bottom of the jeans.  Flared jeans are also a great way to disguise wearing socks and boots in winter when you just want warm feet.

Ya’ll have a great weekend, and meet me back here next week as we start styling some pretty Spring looks!!  See you then and thanks for stopping by!