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Floral Midi Skirt for the First Day of Spring

spring outfit | floral midi skirt | scalloped cami | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

easter outfit | floral midi skirt | nude colored clutch | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring fashion | ivory camisole | rose gold earrings | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit | striped midi skirt | block heel sandals | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Happy First Day of Spring!!!  I can not imagine a more perfect skirt to ring in the spring season.  It’s one of my favorite print mixes in one.  I love everything about this skirt from the flared style, the midi length, the thick stripes, the floral print, and oh the gorgeous colors.  I am a fan of many things on the Chicwish site, but oh do they have some fabulous skirts!  This is my 3rd skirt in this style, and I always receive so many comments, questions, and compliments when I wear them out.  I love that the look and quality of this skirt looks like it would be pricey, but it’s only $45!

I couldn’t resist pairing it with my ivory scalloped cami for the perfect kick off to spring look.  This outfit combo would be perfect for a shower or luncheon.  You could also make this work for Easter Sunday, add a pink cardigan or denim jacket if you don’t do strappy tops in church.

For the office, pair this skirt with a solid color tee or white button down top.  If you have a fitted pink top, it would be perfect to play on the colors of the flowers in the skirt.  I opted to wear my rose gold jewelry to work with the pink of the skirt.

I know some of you aren’t quite experiencing the sunny and warm spring weather yet, but I hope you still get out and enjoy the start of the season!  Tell me in the comments what item you are most looking forward to wearing this spring!

Photography By: Banavenue

church outfit | ivory cami | blue midi skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Spring outfit | scalloped camisole | pleated midi skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Petite fashion | floral midi skirt | block heel sandals | Houston Style Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit | ivory cami | floral midi skirt | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet


Naturally Plumper Lips in 30 Seconds a Day

naturally plumper lips in 30 seconds | GloPro lip microneedler review | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

Hello friends!! Ok remember last month when I shared a review of my new GloPro microneedling tool.  Well, today I’m back to share all about the lip attachment.  At the time of my last review, I had only been using the lip attachment for a few days.  I wanted a little more time to assess the results with a full month of using the attachment.

Well, the results are in, and ya’ll I’m obsessed!!  After the first use, I immediately noticed my lips looking more full and plump.  I was actually surprised, because I didn’t think it would work so well so quickly.  I have continued doing the 2 step system every morning.  Below is the 2 step system I use for naturally plumper lips in 30 seconds, plus my results and opinions on the lip microneedler and the Pout Lip product.

glopro lip microneedler review | naturally fuller lips | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet how to use lip microneedling for fuller lips | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 1:   Attach the lip microneedler attachment to your GloPro tool.  Turn on and roll over your lips.  The fullness of my bottom lip never really bothered me, but I always wished my top lip was a little fuller.  I roll the microneedler over my lips for about 20 seconds.  I typically roll over my bottom lip 2-3 times and my top lip a little extra since I want more fullness in that lip.

beauty bio the pout review | Naturally fuller lips | Houston beauty blogger Lady in Violet naturally fuller lips in 30 seconds a day | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 2:  Apply The Pout Lip Serum over lips immediately after using the Lip microneedler.  You can also apply just the lip serum with out GloProing your lips first, but the results are not as dramatic.

beauty bio glopro lip microneedler review | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

So the first day I used this 2 step process, my lips looked fuller for a couple hours.  I did feel a slight stretching in my lips from the added fullness.  I only noticed this on day one.  The lip microneedler does not hurt or leave my lips chapped.  I also did it once before drinking red wine and no lip staining.  Each time you use it, the fullness lasts a little longer.  It’s definitely a product you have to use daily to see long lasting results.

It’s been an easy addition to my makeup routine.  I do it at the end, and this has made it easy to stick too.  I sometimes just use the glossy pout serum as the finished product since it’s shiny, but I have applied lipstick over the serum too.

My results:  It’s a subtle change, but I do notice my lips looking fuller especially my top lip.  Before using this product, I felt my top lip was so thin and barely there.  Now I can definitely tell a difference in the fullness, it’s not hiding anymore.

The founder of BeautyBio mentioned these products were created to help achieve fuller, plumper lips without injections.  I definitely think they hit the mark on this one.  I plan to keep up this part of my beauty routine!


Casual Floral Top for Spring

Spring outfit | floral top | blue skinny jeans | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Blue floral top for spring | dark pink clutch | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

spring outfit idea | dark blue skinny jeans | peep toe booties | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

casual spring outfit | floral blouse | blue jeans | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Happy Friday!!!  Ahhh so ready for this weekend, even though large portions of it will be filled with working on taxes, boo!  It’s still the weekend though, and I can work on it with a glass of wine in hand.  Yesterday, we had the prettiest Spring weather ya’ll!  We have a little cold front coming through this weekend, but that little taste yesterday means I am pulling out all my wedges this weekend when I need a break from taxes.

One print I’m seeing tons of this Spring season is florals.  Always a popular print for Spring, and I love seeing the different color variations and designs of the prints.  I feel like this season has a delicate, feminine feel to the prints.  This casual floral top is a good example of this floral print style.  It’s a print you can dress up or down depending on your mood and plans for the day.

With this floral top, I styled it with jeans and my go to peep toe booties for a casual weekend look.  You can also pair this with slacks or a pencil skirt to make it work for the office.  Speaking of these booties, they are currently marked down!  In the product description, it doesn’t mention anything about being on sale. But I went and looked back and I definitely paid $40 more than the current price.  These booties are so good for Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I wear them with jeans, skirts, and dresses.

Alright ya’ll, I hope you fabulous weekend!

Floral Top  |  Dark Skinny Jeans 40% off!Peep Toe Booties $40 off, not listed as sale but it is marked down from what I paid | Magenta ClutchGold Drop Earrings | Cuff Bracelet | Similar Gold Bangle | Nails: CND Cashmere Wrap

Casual outfit | white floral top | brown peep toe booties | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

floral top for spring | dark pink clutch | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Casual outfit floral top | gold earrings | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Spring outfits | floral top | dark blue jeans | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet


How to Apply Dry Shampoo

how to apply dry shampoo | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

I have raved about dry shampoo in a few of my beauty favorites posts, and today I want to share how to apply dry shampoo.  I visited a friend a few months ago who said she wasn’t a fan of dry shampoo.  (insert shocked gasp)  She said it just didn’t work for her hair.  I watched her apply and realized she was missing a key dry shampoo step.  Thus the idea for this post was born!

– It soaks up the oil in your hair and can make it look clean allowing more days between washing.
– You can use it on humid days to help absorb some of the moisture that humidity adds to your hair.
– Hello Volume!  Certain brands also add considerable volume to your roots.


STEP 1 – Spray at your roots.  I use this for humidity and to absorb excess oil so I spray all my roots.  Some ladies just spray visible roots if only looking to absorb oil.  You can also pull your hair up in a loose ponytail before spraying to hit all your roots.  Make sure you hit any areas where you normally get oil build up during the day.

how to use dry shampoo | Houston Lifestyle Blogger Lady in Violet where to apply dry shampoo | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet tips for using dry shampoo | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 2 – Let it marinate.  I apply mine before I do my makeup and let it do it’s magic during my 10-15 minute makeup routine.  Dry shampoo needs some time to absorb, so this is a key step in the process!  You will also start noticing the powder in some brands lightening as it starts working.

let dry shampoo marinade in hair | Houston LIfestyle Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 3 – Shake it out! Use your fingers to shake out all the remaining powder.  I’ll even flip my head over to get a good shake out of the top.  This shaking step is also where you will see the added volume.

how to use dry shampoo in hair | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

Once no more powder is visible, brush or comb through your hair and style as usual.  I usually straighten my hair, then apply dry shampoo, and curl my hair after I shake out the dry shampoo.

How to apply dry shampoo in hair | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

That’s it 3 easy steps to use your dry shampoo!

best dry shampoo | dry shampoo for dark hair | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet


LIVING PROOF – Great for added volume!  One application usually last 2 days for my hair.  The powder is light and shakes out well.

BATISTE – The most affordable option!  The powder is very white, but it shakes out well.  One application typically only holds for a day or less.  If it’s about time for some real shampoo, this will not always make it the full day.

DRYBAR – Smells amazing!  If you dry shampoo after a workout, this one has a good scent to it.  One application will last all day too.  While the powder does have a yellow tint, this one is the hardest to shake out.  It’s not my top choice for darker hair because I sometimes struggle to get all the excess powder out.


Depends on my schedule for the week, but I usually can go 4-7 days.