Pink Bow Sandals

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summer outfits | pink striped top | light wash skinny jeans | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfits | pink bow sandals | frayed hem jeans | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

spring outfit | short sleeve button down | pink bow slides | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

These pink bow sandals were a teeny tiny bit of an impulse buy, but one I defintely do not regret! I had my eye on this luxury pair at the start of 2020, but when we stopped going out I decided to put them on hold.  When the spring season rolled around, I thought about buying again, but wasn’t 100% sure if I was ready to splurge on shoes when I’m still home so much.  Then like an amazing gift, I spotted these on Instagram with the heading under $100 and without thinking I hit add to cart.  I had my first bridal shower coming up in a week, and I knew these would be the perfect fun pop of color to pair with my white dress.

As soon as I pulled them out of the box, I knew I had made the right choice on these pink heels! I got my fun summer sandal and didn’t have to splurge.  While I love these pink sandals with a summer white outfit, they are fun to pair with colors too! They were the perfect pairing for my pink striped puff sleeve top.  The pinks all play together perfectly.  You can also pair these with floral prints or bold solids like yellow or green.

Sizing Note: I went up a 1/2 size, and they fit perfectly! The length of the shoe is where I needed a slightly bigger size.


summer fashion | stone bangle bracelets | pink bow shoes with heel | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

summer outfit | pink blue striped short sleeve top | light blue skinny jeans | Texas Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

summer fashion | pink bow sandals with heel | light blue frayed hem denim | Southern Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


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