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How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

how to prevent dry winter skin | winter skincare tips | Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

products to prevent and treat dry winter skin | hydrating skincare | Popular Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

Winter months usually leave my skin a bit on the dry side. Over the past few years, I’ve been trying out different types of products to help keep my skin hyrdrated during the winter months.  This season, I have really noticed an improvement and wanted to share a few products and  tips on how to prevent dry winter skin that have worked for me.


OILS – I’m a big fan of face oils year round.  During other seasons, I try to use them about twice a week.  For winter I doubled that with around 4 days of use.  I apply them in the evening.  I think this was one of the biggest contributors to my skin staying so hydrated this season.  I have a few favorites, but my current one is this anti-aging one.  I always think fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable when my skin is dry, so I figured adding in some anti-aging goodies would only improve the look of my skin during the winter.

HYDRATING FACE MASKS – I’ve tried a varieties of face masks during the winter months.  My best results came from using a hydrating or moisturizing mask 1-2 times a week.   One of my top hydrating masks is the Hydro Boost sheet masks.  I rotate between the hydrating one and a purifying one for days I want a little extra cleaning.  These suction to your face pretty well and stay in place.  After I take the mask off, my skin feels so soft and smooth!

BEAUTY WATER – I switched out my microneedling tool for this beauty water during the winter months.  Tatcha’s The Essence seemed to offer similar features as microneedling by helping your skincare products better absorb.  I wrote a whole blog post about my experience with this product a few weeks ago if you want to read more!  In addition to enhanced product absorption, the essence also gives a hydration boost.  (Noticing a theme to my product faves – it’s all about hydrating!)

HYDRATING MOISTURIZERS – I switched out my morning face lotion for this gel one.  It promises 72 hours of hydration!  It’s super lightweight and feels more like a serum than a moisturizer when applying.  I really like the lightweight feel, and I could also feel my skin soaking it in.  I had no issues using this under my makeup.  Once I switched to this product in the mornings, I noticed a difference in my skin throughout the day and definitely think it keeps my skin hydrated all day as promised.

HYDRATING SERUMS – On nights that I did not use an oil, I opted for this hydrating serum.  You can use it stand alone or mix it with other serums to help lock them in.  I usually use this with my retinol, but tried it out with a Vitamin C Serum with pretty good results.


Outside of adding in all the hydrating products to my skincare routine this winter, I also focused on taking a break from other items that could dry out my skin.  One key product I passed on this winter was a retinol.  While I think a retinol delivers great results, it can sometimes have a drying effect on my skin.  Not a problem during the summer, but something I didn’t want in months when my skin is already on the drier side.

I also opted for gentler exfoliating products.  Instead of exfoliating masks with beads, I opted for smooth charcoal masks.  I did still want some kind of exfoliating, so a few days a week I would use a face brush in the shower with my face wash.  It felt super gentle and left me with that smooth feeling I attain from masks with exfoliating beads. I used the face mitt from this set, but I found similar ones online.

Last, I made sure to drink plenty of water!  It’s the ultimate hydrator!  What tips and products do you use to prevent dry skin in the winter??  Share in the comments below!


Light Pink Cashmere Sweater

winter outfit | baby pink sweater | dark blue bootcut jeans | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | light pink cashmere sweater | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

fall outfit | pastel pink blouson sleeves sweater | gold drop earrings | Casual Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

winter outfit | light pink cashmere sweater | cognac brown dress booties | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Hello lovelies!  Our weather this winter season has been a little warmer than normal.  January is usually when we see our temps hover near freezing maybe even an ice over day, but this year not so much.  I have barely had to use my heater or wear any of my cute coats.  It has given me extra opportunities to wear my peep toe booties.

Another item, I have been wearing during this warmer winter is lightweight sweaters.  This light pink cashmere sweater is a good level of thickness for our winter season. The material is so soft and cozy, and the sweater has a nice structured style to it.  It pairs perfectly with my flared leg jeans for a business casual look.  You could also pair it with a pencil or a-line skirt for a more professional look.

The blouson sleeves are a fun and pretty detail for this sweater.  It gives it something to stand out against all the other sweaters.  I’m always drawn to lighter color sweaters like ivory and pastel pink during winter. I think maybe more than other seasons.

After a fun weekend catching up with friends, I have a busy day of blog work ahead of me.  I’m looking forward to the quiet day in before another busy week starts.  I hope ya’ll have a fabulous week!

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winter business casual outfit | baby pink cashmere sweater | dark wash flared jeans | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

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How to Layer Tops in Winter

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layered fall outfit | olive green sweater over white button down blouse | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual winter outfit | classic trench coat with bootcut jeans | Popular Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Happy Friday!!   I’m so ready for this 3 day weekend! I have TWO girls’ nights planned and a relaxing Sunday with my boyfriend on the schedule so far.  I’m also hoping to tackle some blog work and little tasks around the house.  Hopefully, it will be a good combo of fun, relaxing, and productive.

Living in a warmer climate during winter months, usually means I plan lots of layered outfits.  Our Houston weather can go from 80 to 50 in a day, and  cold outdoors usually means cranked up heat indoors.  To create the perfect layered look, I want all the pieces to work well together and stand alone if need be.  Keep reading for a few of my tips on how to layer tops in winter months.

A white button up blouse is a great starter layer underneath a  sweater.  It gives a polished and professional look.  If you get to hot, you can easily remove this layer and go with just the sweater.  You can also opt to remove the sweater and go with just the white button up, but I find sometimes sweaters leave behind lint on a white top.

A loose fit sweater is the perfect middle layer.  I look for sweaters that will easily fit over another top and not show any possible bunching or shirt buttons.  I also just prefer looser layers for a more comfortable fit.  This sweater has a boxy fit and is the perfect amount of loose to fit over my button up blouse.  It’s also a good length so that the white peaks out just enough at the bottom.

My final layer is some type of outer layer like coat, jacket or cardigan.  A layer that can be easily removed or kept on depending on the temp.  I choose my outerlayer based on the outside temp and where I’m headed.  For a night out with friends, I usually opt for a jacket, and for work, typically a cardigan.  Any time the weather is dipping in the low 50s or lower, I grab a coat.

My Club Monaco trench coat was a semi-splurge find a few years ago. I found it on sale during Black Friday which brought it more to my price range.  A classic trench coat is must have for any closet.  It works with both professional and casual looks and keeps you warm.  Sometimes when I’m feeling a little extra, I will do the no arms off the shoulder look, usually at events and parties with no coat check.  I think this works well with trench coats and blazers, not so much thick wool coats.

There you go, pretty simple and easy.  Hopefully this also including items you already have in your closet!  Hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend! Thanks for swinging by this week!

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12 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Quick and Easy Meal Prep

12 healthy lunch ideas for quick and easy meal prep | Healthy Living blog lady in violet

As I mentioned in my 2020 goals post, I’m hoping to re-focus on adding more nutritious meals back into my week.  One key way to stay on track with this goal is with my lunch meal prep.  It’s so easy these days to order any kind of takeout that you want and have it delivered to you in less than an hour.  Meal prepping helps make sure I always have a healthy and filling option at my finger tips to prevent reaching for fast food lunches.  I’m always on the hunt for new healthy lunch ideas for meal prep Sunday.

Over the past year, I snapped some of the meals I prepped that worked with my quick and easy needs and reheated well. I always try to include a large serving of vegetables in my most of my meals.  Many meals include a small source of animal protein, although I do occasionally make vegetarian and vegan lunch options too.

My meal prep strategy is to bulk prep for the entire month in one or two days. I pick about 4 different meals and prep about 20 lunches.  I mainly use these containers from Amazon, but I also use these 3 sector ones on occasion.  Since all the meals I prep are frozen after cooked, I look for freezer-friendly recipes and food.  I find sturdy vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, carrots, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes freeze best.  A few other freezer friendly favorites are kale and asparagus.

When bulk meal prepping, I try to pick 1-2 easy recipes like cut up chicken sausage with roasted vegetables that can be quickly prepped along side 1-2 more complex dishes like kung pao chicken or lentil meatballs.  I will bulk bake chicken breasts and roast and saute vegetables that can be used across all meals.  To save more time, I use frozen vegetables like green beans and okra that don’t need to be chopped and pre-cooked.  Another easy way to build up my frozen meal prep supply is to freeze dinner leftovers.  If a recipe says it makes 4-6 servings, I will save 2-3 of those to eat for dinner and freeze the leftovers in lunch sized portions.

I have found a few tried and true recipes that I like and tend to rotate through these throughout the months.  If you are looking to give lunch meal prepping a try, scroll through for some of my healthy lunch ideas for meal prep.  I also included links to some of the recipes where available.  If you would like more meal prep tips, check out my full post of meal prep tips HERE.

meal prep idea kung pao chicken with broccoli | Healthy Lifestyle Blogger Lady in Violet


healthy lunch idea naked chicken with roasted vegetables | Healthy Living Blogger Lady in Violet


paleo lunch idea chicken marsala with roasted vegetables | Lifestyle Blogger Lady in Violet


healthy lunch idea romesco chicken with sauteed kale and mushrooms | Houston Lifestyle Blog Lady in Violet


easy meal prep idea chicken picatta roasted asparagus and okra | Healthy Living Blog Lady in Violet


healthy meal prep lunch mediteranean chicken with roasted carrots | Texas Lifestyle Blog Lady in Violet


whole 30 lunch curry turkey meatballs in cream sauce with vegetables | lifestyle blogger lady in violet


easy meal prep idea turkey and vegetable spaghetti sauce with brussel sprouts | healthy lifestyle blogger lady in violet


quick meal prep idea chicken sausage with vegetables | lifestyle blog lady in violet


meal prep idea sauteed shrimp with savory oats and kale | lifestyle blog lady in violet

SAUTEED SHRIMP WITH SAVORY OATS (steel cut oats cooked in vegetable broth) AND SPINACH

vegan lunch idea lentil meatballs with mushroom sauce and oven roasted vegetables | lady in violet blog


plant based lunch idea savory oats with kale onions and mushrooms | lady in violet lifestyle blog

SAVORY OATS (steel cut oats cooked in vegetable broth) TOPPED WITH SPINACH, ONIONS, AND MUSHROOMS