Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her & Him

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for her and him | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

We are just over a week away from Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to share a few Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her.  For her, I always like jewelry like a splurge on David Yurman or a more affordable initial pendant necklace.  You could also get something a little sexy like lingerie or lace panties or go more comfy with a sleep set or a robe.  I think it’s all about knowing your girl and which is more her style.  For me, I love things that are useful.  Many of the gifts I shared today check this mark for me.

For him, I always like things to make him more stylish, ha!  I mean this is your chance to buy your guy those shades or a nice pullover.  You can also play to his manly side with an all black watch or can insulator aka fancy koozie alongside a bottle or case of his favorite beverage.  Just like when he buys for you, it’s all about knowing what he likes.

I think Valentine’s gifts are chance to be romantic and think outside the box.  Flowers and a nice bottle of champagne, a box filled with date night ideas, preparing a delicious dinner for a chill night in can all work as the perfect gift too.  Sometimes the quality time together can be just as fabulous as a fancy gift.  What’s on your Valentine’s Day wish list?


Also I want to mention, the Gigi New York Winter Sale is happening right now and it’s so good!! I shared some of my picks below including a couple clutches so similar to my magenta clutch you’ve seen on the blog.  If you are in the bag for a good quality purse, you should definitely check out this sale!




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