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What I Eat in a Week: Healthy Meal Prep & Dinner Ideas

What I Eat in a Week | Healthy Meal Ideas | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

Well, I am venturing a little out of my fashion comfort zone on the blog today to share about another topic I love to talk about, living a healthy lifestyle.  A few years ago, I did Whole 30 and it really changed the way I eat.  I even shared my journey with you all HERE and HERE. It opened my eyes to how my body responds to the different kinds of food I choose to eat from my appearance to my food cravings.

For a the past few years, I have found nutrition interesting, so I started diving deeper into eating more healthy.  I found a documentary called In Defense of Food and started to look at food and what I ate in a whole new light.  I took the focus off good vs bad and calories and fat.  I started focusing on one thing – how is the food I am eating serving my body.  I watched more documentaries and read articles, even accidentally purchased a vegan cookbook on my quest to find more plant based recipes and to learn about the nutrients in these recipes.

I started noticing how great my skin looked.  My high energy levels and focus were amazing when I ate a diet filled with real food that I cooked.  I also noticed how sluggish I felt, the skin breakouts, and the strong mid day cravings I got after eating multiple fast food meals, dairy, and too much sugar.  I really started paying attention to how different foods affected me and started really enjoying/craving all the vegetables.  I stopped worrying about weight, and the craziest thing happened – I started dropping weight without trying.  People started noticing and asking what I was doing to lose weight, so I decided to put together a blog post to share what I eat in a week, along with a few of my healthy meal prep and dinner ideas.

Also, I do want to mention that the way I eat is based on what makes me feel good.  Everyone is different and will need different nutrients for their body.  I did tons of research and lots of trial and error to find the best food for me.  This post is not intended as a guide on how to eat just a glimpse into what I love to eat on my journey to living a healthy plant based lifestyle.

I’m also not perfect.  I still eat Whataburger and cupcakes.  I still visit the vending machine at work every so often for a bag of Cheetos and will happily share an order of fries.  If I’m going to my Grandma’s house, I want her food because it’s comforting and delicious.  I don’t believe in depriving yourself.  I live under a 90/10 or 80/20 rule.  Most of the time I focus on putting all the good nutrients into my body, and sometimes I let myself indulge in a comfort food or small craving.  I’ve also learned that the next day I am going to have to fight off some serious craving for more junk food, so I keep healthy options on hand. As I mentioned, I’ve learned how my body and mind responds to different foods.

So now that I have shared a brief look at why I eat what I eat, let’s look some of my regular meals.  I will note I am someone who can eat the same thing over and over.  I meal prep my lunch every Sunday and eat the same thing all 5 days.  If you need variety, you could try meal prepping a few weeks at a time and then mixing and matching each week.

morning vegan protein shake with mct oil | Healthy Breakfast Idea | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

I’m not a big breakfast person, never have been!  I love breakfast food, just not first thing in the morning.  My normal Monday through Friday breakfast consists of black coffee mixed with collagen peptides, a Vega One protein shake with MCT Oil, and hot lemon water.

I know breakfast really helps set up my hunger levels and cravings for the day.  I tried doing eggs and avocado in the morning.  I loved how the fat and protein from this meal kept me full until lunch, but most mornings I’m not that hungry.  When I skipped breakfast, I would be starving by 10.  I found when I switched to a liquid breakfast approach, I was able to make it until lunch before becoming hungry, and I was consistent with breakfast everyday.  I stuck with the protein/fat combo with my morning shake.  I’m still learning about MCT oil to know just how beneficial it is for me, and I highly recommend doing your own research before trying it out.

healthy breakfast idea | avocado toast | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

Another breakfast favorite of mine, avocado toast! I know so basic. LOL.  I love to sprinkle mine with red pepper flakes or smoked salmon.  This breakfast is one I keep on rotation on weekends along with eggs and avocado.

Healthy Meal Prep Lunch Ideas | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

If you follow me on Instagram, these weekly meal prep pics may look familiar.  Every Sunday, I meal prep my healthy lunch for the week and share it on Instastories.  I typically have a lean protein like turkey, chicken, or salmon along with as many vegetables as I can fit in my container.  I also try to find some kind of fat like olives or oils to add to the meal.  Every so often, I opt for a vegetarian or vegan lunch option like Eggplant with Tomato Sauce or Lentil “Meat”balls.

I usually think about what I’m craving and then head to Pinterest to find a healthy dairy free version of what I want.  I also love creating healthy recipes, so sometimes I just toss things together and hope for the best.  Changing to eating real food meant cooking tons more, so I learned lots along the way about what flavors, foods, and spices go well together which helps with the whole throw things together plan.

For my vegetables, I usually pick up 2-3 vegetables that are in season at the store.  I’m pretty basic with how I cook them by either roasting in the oven or sautéing.  When I’m busy, I will cheat and buy frozen vegetables because it’s quick and easy.  A good guide for me on what produce is in season, it’s usually the more affordable options that look really fresh and vibrant.

healthy snack | mixed nut snack bag | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

I am a snacker.  I try to break the habit, and some days I can go from lunch to dinner without wanting or needing a snack.  For days that I need a little something, I keep healthy options in my desk and fridge at work.

About once a month, I make mixed nut bags. I buy about 4-5 different nuts, toss them all in a bowl, and package them in half cup servings. I keep them in my pantry and desk.  A few of my favorite nuts are pistachios, cashews, macadamia nuts, and brazil nuts. A few other favorite snack options are baby carrots with hummus and Cuties/Halos mandarins.


Healthy Dinner Ideas | Plant Based Meal Ideas | Houston Blogger Lady in Violet

Dinner is where I have the most variety and fun with vegetables.  Some days I’m basic with Salmon and a vegetable side and other days I play with some of my favorite recipes like Minimalist Baker’s Cauliflower Tacos.  FYI – it’s one of my favorite recipes!  I usually buy 2-4 vegetables at the store and cook a different 1 or 2 each night. This helps give me some variety.  If I eat meat at night, it’s typically fish and usually salmon.  On a night when I’m craving a salad, I love to top it with smoked salmon and a Primal Kitchen salad dressing.

Similar to lunch, sometimes I play and toss things together and see what happens.  I have found some really good recipes this way.  I really focus on eating a variety of colors each week, and I try to buy a new to me vegetable every week or two to keep things different and to keep expanding my options.  I don’t eat meat every night.  A big bowl of vegetables will satisfy me, and I love using dinner as a time to play with different flavors and vegetables.


If you are one of the people who have asked for a look at what and how I eat, I hope this answered some of your questions.  A few things you may have noticed, I don’t eat a lot of dairy or sugar.  It’s a personal decision that works best for my body.  I do still occasionally indulge in cheese and dessert because I love both and don’t feel the need to fully say good bye and deprive myself.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and sometimes that sweet tooth really wants a cupcake or chocolate cookie.  When I treat myself to a yummy dessert, I savor and enjoy every bite.

I also don’t eat too many grains or much beef.  Every so often I might crave one of these like a nice juicy burger, but I can mostly live without these foods.  I put focus on not depriving myself of certain foods, and I also don’t eat something if it’s not my cup of tea.

Thanks for sticking with me through this long and different post.  I’m planning to start sharing a little more about my love of living a healthy lifestyle, so stay tuned for more!


Best of the Presidents’ Day Sales

Best Presidents Day Sales 2019 | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Happy Presidents’ Day and Happy Big Sale Day!   Since this is a transitional  time of year for seasons, it’s a good time to find great deals on pricey winter items like coats and boots and to start picking out a few new spring finds.  I also love to use this sale day to stock up on any basics I need like jeans and solid tees. Oh and don’t forget to add a little jewelry to your cart, especially those everyday classic pieces.  Basically, the perfect day to buy all the thing for all the seasons. 😉

 I have rounded up some of the best Presidents’ Day Sales in fashion and a little home to help you navigate through all the deals going on today.  Be sure to stop by your favorite retailers site too and check and see what deals they have going on!  Happy Sale Shopping!


ANTHROPOLOGIE – Extra 40% off sale items
BANANA REPUBLIC – 40% off almost everything
BAUBLEBAR – Up to 80% off sale items
DSW SHOES – 20% off everything with code RED HOT + extra 10% off boots with code HOT BOOTS
EXPRESS – 50% off everything

GAP – 40% off everything with code GREAT
GIGI NEW YORK – Up to 60% off winter sale items
KATE SPADE – Up to 75% off select styles, plus free shipping over $99
KENDRA SCOTT – Take an Extra 25% off sale items with code YAY25
LOFT – 40% off full priced items and extra 10% off with code EXTRA10
LUCKY BRAND – 40% off everything
MADEWELL – extra 30% off sale styles
NORDSTROM – Up to 40% off sale items
SOLE SOCIETY – Up to 60% off select sale styles
WILLIAMS-SONOMA – 20% off your order, plus free shipping with code WINTER

Rodeo Outfit with Cowboy Boots

rodeo outfit | denim skirt | black crop top | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

what to wear to the rodeo | denim skirt | blue statement earrings | Popular Houston Fashion Blogger Karen Kocich

houston rodeo outfit | cowboy boots | denim skirt | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Festival outfit | denim skirt | free people top | Popular Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Hello Loves! For all my Houston readers, we are officially one week away from the rodeo cookoff which means oh so close to Rodeo Season ya’ll!  A couple weeks ago, I shared a rodeo outfit idea without cowboy boots, and this week I’m going full cowgirl with a rodeo outfit with cowboy boots.

This western wear inspired outfit would work better for the last half of the rodeo when the weather warms up a bit.  I finally added a denim skirt to my closet this year!  I think the last one I owned was in college.  I have become such a skirt person, so a frayed hem denim skirt was something I wanted to add for the spring and summer.  I love the natural faded look of this one and the length.  It’s the perfect start to building the perfect rodeo outfit.

I added on this western romance crop top to add a little boho and western flair to the look.  My hair is covering the beautiful details on the shoulders of this top, oops!  The sheer top portion also features a pretty floral design.  I have another flowy crop top from this brand and wore it so much last summer.  Even though, it’s not quite the weather yet, I knew I wanted to add this to my wardrobe stat!  It will also be cute with skinny jeans and shorts.

I pretty much only wear cowboy boots to the rodeo, so I only own this one pair which are a few years old.  I found a few similar pairs to mine though in the links section.  Mine are the Bed Stu brand, and I couldn’t really find any western boots by them right now.  When I’m wanting to wear jeans, I always tuck my skinny jeans into them. A flowy top like this one would be perfect for this combo, or you can add a long sleeve plaid if the weather is still cool.

If you aren’t heading to a rodeo soon, this outfit with sandals will be perfect for you during the end of spring or summer months!  I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!  I have a nice 3 day weekend headed my way, and I cannot wait!  Check back Monday because I’m going to put together a list of Presidents’ Day Sales for you.  It’s a good time to buy both end of winter clearance and stock up on spring basics.  Be sure to come by and check it out!

Photography By: Banavenue

rodeo outfit | black sleeveless top | denim skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

Texas rodeo outfit | western boho top | distressed denim skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

houston rodeo cookoff outfit | denim skirt | cowboy boots | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

summer outfit | black crop top | denim skirt | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet


Currently Coveting: Statement Earrings

spring statement earrings | colorful jewelry | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet


Well I couldn’t start sharing Spring outfit inspiration and leave out all the pretty Spring statement earrings that are hitting stores!  Spring is my favorite season for statement earrings. I love the bright and bold colors, the simple styles, the sparkle.  Oh so many good statement earrings come out in the spring!

I rounded up some of my favorites this season trying to hit a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, prices, and colors.  I love pairing the bold colors with my more lighter or neutral outfits.  The white, brown, and gold are perfect add ons to the days you print mix or wear lots of color to add balance to your outfit.  Don’t be afraid to mix colors too.  The bold pink would be cute with a green dress, the bright yellow would pair perfectly with shades of blue, and turquoise earrings would be perfect with pink or red.

Which pair do you have your eye on for Spring?