How to Choose A Colored Satchel

How to Choose a Colored Satchel | Lady in Violet

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LOFT Henley Drawstring Dress  | ALDO Brown Wedges, Old [LOVE THESE!] | HENRI BENDEL c/o West 57th Satchel | GORJANA Zion Necklace, Mika Necklace | BAUBLEBAR Gold Ladder Cuff, Mini Pave Links, Old [SIMILAR] | KENDRA SCOTT Elle Earrings in Slate | RAY-BAN Original Aviator Sunglasses | ESSIE Limoscene | MAC Lipstick in Faux

First off, I just have to say this dress is so comfortable! The fabric is lightweight and just perfect for our HOT Texas summers!  If they had this dress in more colors, I would probably buy another one!  In a previous post I professed my mild obsession with clutch purses.  Another love of mine is a colored satchel for more everyday use.  I have this thing about mixing brown and black, so I have a hard time committing to a black or brown everyday purse.   I am actually super picky when it comes to the requirements for my everyday handbag, so when I find one I like I usually feel obligated to buy it.  I have been on the hunt for about a year now for a cute everyday satchel that zips and comes in a pretty color.  This was not easy!  For starters, a bag that zips is not that easy to find, and when I would find one I never liked the color options.  A few weeks ago, I attended the Henri Bendel perfume launch and fell in love with the West 57th Satchel. I loved that it fully zipped, fit comfortable on my arm, came with a strap for crossbody use, had no dividers inside, had a pocket for my phone and came in lots of fun colors to choose from.  Ya’ll that is only like half my requirements list. 🙂

 Since 98% of my everyday bags are colorful, I thought I would share a couple of my tips to choose the perfect color for an everyday bag.  First up, check out your closet.  What colors do you see and What colors don’t you see?  I love green and teal colors, but I do not own very many clothes in these colors.  I do not want my bag to match too many of the clothes in my closet, so I try to stick with colors that are not big in my wardrobe.  I do want my bag to compliment the colors of my wardrobe though, so I also look at what colors I have tons of.  I wear lots of blues, purples, and dark pink/magenta colors.  This bag is officially called green, but it does have a hint of teal in it.  This shade mixes perfectly with the colors that make up the majority of my wardrobe.  I also considered what colors I would probably not wear this color with like red, green and certain shades of orange.  Again, I check my closet and decided I did not own too many of these colors.  Another factor in choosing a colored bag for me is for the color to look professional.  I take my satchels to the office, meetings, and networking events, so I want a color that is not too loud.  I do however like to pick an eye-catching color.  It will definitely help you stand out a bit in a crowd, and possibly even be a conversation starter.

Henri Bendel has some great color options in classic styles which I absolutely love!  Plus, they are celebrating their 120th Anniversary right now, and having a big sale on their site!  The color of my bag is sold out in the West 57th Satchel, but I did see it still available on a few other bags.  I hope these tips help if you are looking to breakaway from the same ol’ black and brown satchels into a fun colorful one!  If you are in the market to buy a colored bag and would like some more advice, let me know I would love to share more on my experience in picking the perfect color!


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