Shop Guide: Holiday Party Dresses

Christmas and Holiday Party dresses featuring dresses in red, blue, gold, and black. Dresses with lace, bell slees,and sparkle.

The Little Black Dress:  one  |  two *comes in red too! |  three
Blue and Gold:  one  | two  | three
Lady in Red:  one  | two  |  three  | four

Anyone else wishing they had 10 holiday parties this year, so they can wear all these dresses?!?!?  Holiday party dresses are one of my favorite things.  It probably has to do with my extreme love of dressing up.

A little black dress is the perfect classic dress for any occasion.  It’s a go to when you don’t know what to wear.  For a simple sophisticated look, you can pair it with black and gold shoes and accessories.  For a little bit more of a statement, you can add pops of color with your shoes, purse, and jewelry.  Think green purse, dark pink earrings, red heels, but not all together.  I would go with 1-2 colorful pieces.

I think gold and blue will help you stand out in a crowd a bit more.   You don’t see many people wearing blue to holiday parties, so it’s a great color for standing out a little.  I would pair it with either silver or gold shoes and jewelry.  You can also add in dark pink statement earrings too.  While I don’t think gold is necessarily an uncommon color, I do think it’s a bold standout color.  I think some might shy away from something so sparkly, so you may not see too many gold dresses.  If you want to try it, go for neutral accessories like black heels and jewelry.

I feel like red can be kind of basic for a holiday party, but I don’t care I still love it.  It’s a classic holiday look.  If you want to do red and stand out, look for unique features like cutouts or scalloped edges.  I love red paired with gold jewelry and black heels.  You can add a sparkly gold clutch too for a fun standout piece.

If you have a holiday party or two coming up, I would buy now. With all the Cyber Week sales coming up, shipping may take a tad bit longer than normal.  Plus ordering early allows time for returns and exchanges or to have alterations done.

You guys check back tomorrow, because I will have a list of some early access Black Friday deals and the perfect Thanksgiving outfit! So I will see you then, thanks for stopping by today.



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