Current Cravings: Pretty in Pink

Lady in Violet, a Houston Fashion Blogger shares her latest current craving and the hot fashion trend of being pretty in pink.

Happy Monday friends!  First off, I have to start by saying I wrote this post before the Super Bowl started, so I can’t give much feedback on my thoughts on who won, the commercials, or Lady Gaga, yet.  I can say I ate some yummy food though. 🙂

Lately, I have had the biggest itch to buy everything spring related.  It probably has a lot to do with our lackluster winter, and the fact that most days are already beautiful spring days.  One thing I keep wish listing is everything pink!  The pink fashion trend really kicked into high gear last year when it was 1 of 2 Pantone colors of the year.   I feel like this year pink is kicking it’s light blue sidekick to the curb and shining even brighter.

The pastel baby pink is really getting all the heart eyes from me, but I am not  forgetting about the darker pink shades.  I tried these heels on in store, and I’m highly considering purchasing them.  My holdout is the material.  I want something leather instead of the suede look.  Honestly, I really want these beauties, but 1) they’re expensive and 2) they only have one size left and it’s not mine.

A few ways to style pink –
1) Mix the pastel pink with gray.  Layer a gray jacket or pair with gray jeans.  Pair a pink dress with gray accessories and heels.
2)  Dust off your white jeans, because this color pops against white.
3)  Combine different shades of pink for a colorblocked look.  Pair a light pink blouse with a dark pink pencil skirt, or a light pink dress or top with dark pink jewelry.
4)  Mix pastel pink with a few deeper colors like burgundy, navy, and green for a winter to spring transition.
5)  Mix the darker pink with teal, yellow, or red for a few fun spring and summer color combos.

Did I make you want all the pink things too? 🙂  This color can be really versatile and has become a color you can wear year round.  Right now with so many different shades of pink available,  it’s a great time to add a little bit to your wardrobe.  Ya’ll have a great week, and thanks for stopping by!


4 Responses to Current Cravings: Pretty in Pink

  1. Lanae Bond says:

    You found some excellent items! I also loving the tips you provided.

  2. Rachel says:

    They are all so lovely! Great post!

  3. Liv says:

    Pretty in pink!


  4. Ohhh you’ve found the prettiest pink things! I want them all!!

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