Blending Weekend and Office Style

Blend weekend and office style - Striped tee with pencil skirt  | Lady in Violet

Silver Jewelry Love!  | Lady in Violet

Office Outfit Idea - blend a weekend casual tee with a pencil skirt!  | Lady in Violet

Halogen Pencil Skirt | Lady in Violet

Work Outfit Idea - blend a weekend casual tee with a pencil skirt!  | Lady in Violet

H&M Striped Jersey Tee with Pencil skirt for an office look  | Lady in Violet

Silver Bracelets - Stella and Dot, Kendra Scott, The Shine Project | Lady in Violet

Office Outfit Idea - blend a weekend casual tee with a pencil skirt!  | Lady in Violet


H&M Striped Tee, in store only [SIMILAR] | HALOGEN Seamed Pencil Skirt [SIMILAR] | STEVE MADDEN Nala Pumps | STELLA & DOT Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Rebel Pendant | KENDRA SCOTT Arden Bracelet in Platinum,  Elisa Necklace in Platinum,  Elle Silver Earrings in Slate | THE SHINE PROJECT Silver Bracelet | BAUBLEBAR Crystal Mason Ring  | ESSIE Under Where?  | MAC Lipstick in Faux

 Sometimes Mondays are the hardest for me to crawl out of bed and reach for the office side of my closet.  Especially in spring and summer, when I have probably spent most of the weekend in comfy maxi and sundresses.  Blending a little of my weekend wardrobe into my Monday office look helps me ease into a new work week. When I purchased this striped t-shirt, one of the ways I was most excited to style it was for work.  I mean who doesn’t want to find a way to wear a comfy t-shirt to work.  The best way for me to cross my weekend tee to office appropriate is with a colorful pencil skirt.  If you wanted to go a step further, you could also toss a black blazer over this look to go even more professional.   I also think the stripes on the top help take it up a notch to make it look a little more office ready.  Although, I think a v-neck tee in a solid color like black, white or even mustard yellow would look pretty fabulous with this skirt too.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to be doing a little trial run of listing a few past looks that also incorporated a few of the pieces from today’s outfit.  I love not only styling an outfit, but finding ways to restyle those pieces to maximize the number of looks out of everything I own.  I think the more outfits I create out of each piece the better value that piece is for me.  I hope you find some style inspiration seeing a few posts of an item that maybe you are thinking about adding to your wardrobe, or a piece you already own and are looking for a few new ways to style.  Thanks Ya’ll and Happy Monday!

Halogen Skirt: A Pop of Pink
Striped Tee: Not So Lazy Sunday



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