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Yellow Ruffle Top

summer outfit | yellow ruffle top | distressed skinny jeans | Petite Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

casual outfit | blue ombre aviator sunglasses | yellow sleeveless top | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Summer style | turquoise layered necklace | yellow ruffle sleeveless top | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | yellow vneck tank top | black backpack | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Hello friends and Happy Tuesday! My posting schedule is a little off this week since I arrived home later than planned from my weekend away.  I had so much fun on my trip though.  It was nice to get out of the city for a bit and meet/hang out with some new friends.

I’m closing out the summer outfits this week before I start sharing more fall inspiration.  My summer outfit posts are definitely ending on a high note with two outfits that feature tops you can easily transition into fall.  First up, this yellow ruffle top.  It looks like my love for yellow is going to continue right on into fall.  I’m trading in those bright yellows for some with a little more mustard in them. This top is the perfect shade to work in both summer and fall.

For my summer look with this top, I added in my distressed jeans and wedges.  I also wore this top with distressed shorts a few weekends ago.  For a fall outfit idea, pair this top with black skinny jeans and brown suede booties or cowboy boots if you want to try  a more western outfit.  You could also toss a denim jacket over this top.  I like the pairing of flowy top with a structured jacket.

One of my favorite accessories to pair with a deep v like this one is a y-choker necklace.  My turquoise one is old, so I linked the gold one I have.  It’s the same design just no colored stones.  I love the way the necklace shines and helps fill in the space across the chest.  Also, this top is a deep v, but it’s bra friendly and doesn’t show anything off you don’t want seen unless you bend too far over.  I know sometimes with loose fitting deep v’s you can spend the whole time making sure your bra isn’t showing in the front, but I had no issues.

Alright ya’ll, check back Friday for my last summer post before we start up with all the fall things!

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casual summer outfit | ruffle tank top | brown wedge sandals | Texas Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

everyday outfit | yellow ruffle top | y choker necklace | Budget Friendly Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | brown wedge sandals | black leather backpack | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer casual outfit | yellow ruffle sleeveless top | distressed jeans | Popular Fashion Blog Lady in Violet


Contouring for Beginners: Step by Step Tutorial

Step by step tutorial for contouring for beginners | Texas Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

Happy Friday! As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m headed to South Texas this weekend for a fun little weekend getaway.  And yes, I succeeded in packing in a carry on.  I love little weekend getaways around Texas.  It’s nice to get out of Houston every now and again, and Texas has so many places to visit and explore.

I’m excited to bring you another beauty tutorial today.  A couple years ago, I started playing around with face contouring.  Contouring can help define your face and even give a thinner looking appearance.  Personally, I like the added definition it gives me.  I’m all about quick and easy when it comes to my everyday makeup routine.  After a little bit of practice, contouring takes me only a couple minutes.  I’ve made it super easy and simple, perfect for beginners to contouring!

Let’s start with what you will need –

Contour Kit – This one is made for light/medium skin.  When shopping for a kit, look for one that has shades slightly darker for contouring and slightly lighter for highlighting. The first kit I purchased was too dark, and I ended up only using one of the dark colors which felt like a waste of money.  I use all 6 of these colors!  I also opt for powder contour kits because I think they blend easier.

Concealer – I use this for highlighting and under eye coverage

Blush (color: orgasm) – I love vibrant pinks to add a slightly flushed and natural look.

Contour Brush –  I opt for one with a dense, structured, angled brush.  I also have a thin round brush for a more defined line.

Blush and Highlight Brush – I use a similar brush for these, opting for thin angled brushes.

Kabuki Brush – A full dense structured brush perfect for blending.

Beauty Blender Sponge – I use this for blending in my concealer.


how to apply concealer under your eyes | Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 1: After applying my foundation to my entire face, I start my contour routine by adding concealer under my eyes. I use this to both conceal under eye circles and add a highlight.  Since I use it for both, I opt for a a shade 1-2 shades lighter than my foundation.

how to use a beauty blender to apply concealer | Beauty Blog Lady in Violet

STEP 2: Use the smaller end of the beauty blender to start spreading the concealer out under your eye.  I spread to cover my under eye to just above my cheek bone and extend to the side of my face slightly.  Once spread, I use the bigger end in a blotting motion to blend the color into my foundation.

how to apply contour makeup | Popular Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet

STEP 3: Using the angled contour brush, apply your darkest contour shade around the frame of your face.  I apply along my hairline across my forehead, down each side to my ears.  Make a kiss or duck face and apply from your ear along the crease created along the bottom of your cheekbone.  With one of the lighter dark colors, apply to the sides of your nose.  You can use the more defined brush for this part.

STEP 4: Blend, blend, blend!  Using the kabuki brush blend the lines to create a natural blended in look. I blend along the line in both horizontal and vertical motions.  Once complete, you should not see defined lines or look like you have dirt on your face.

where to apply contour power on your face to look thinner | Houston Beauty Blog Lady in Violet

where to apply contour makeup on your face | Texas Beauty Blog Lady in Violet

Both of the photos above show where I applied the dark colors prior to blending.

tips for contouring your face for everyday makeup | Affordable Beauty Blog Lady in Violet

STEP 5: Using a blush brush, smile slightly and apply blush to the apple of your cheek swiping up at a slight angle.  Then, use your kabuki brush to very lightly blend this color around your cheek area to create a blended look with even color distribution and no harsh lines.

how to apply highlighter to your face | Houston Beauty Blog Lady in Violet

STEP 6:   Apply your highlighter using your highlighting brush. I apply the yellow tinted highlighter under my eyes, the lighter highlight color in a t shape across my forehead and down the front of my nose and chin, and the shimmer color just above my blush color between my under eye and cheek bone.

That’s it, just a few quick steps and the contour portion of your makeup routine is complete!  The first few tries will take a little longer as you learn how much color to apply and blending for a natural look.  Over time, this part of your routine will be second nature and only take a couple minutes.

Check out the below image for a before and after look.  Also, if you want to save this tutorial for future use, you can pin the below image to Pinterest for a quick and easy reference!

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

how to contour your face like a pro | Houston Beauty Blogger Lady in Violet


Olive Green Tank Top + Rose Gold Aviators

summer to fall transitional outfit | olive green tank top | black leather backpack | Affordable Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | olive green tank top | rose gold pendant necklace | Houston Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

warm weather outfit | olive green sleevless top | black skinny jeans | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | olive green tank top | rose gold long necklace | Everyday Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual fall outfit | olive green sleeveless top | brown wedge sandals | Budget Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

Hello Hello! How’s your week going? Mine has been smooth sailing so far.  I’m headed out of town on a long weekend to South Texas, and I am ready for it.  We are flying, and I thought it would be really smart to just pack a carry on since it’s such a short trip.  I am so not a light packer.  The next 2 nights will be filled with some outfit planning and probably a little editing, so I can fit all the things in my little bag.  Any tips for flying with just a carry on are appreciated!

Now let’s talk fashion! This outfit is one that I would wear as a summer to fall transitional outfit.  We stay in summer time temps through September and sometimes even October.  My transitional outfits tend to feature summer pieces like wedges and tank tops, but in fall colors like olive green and brown.  I also start pulling out my black skinny jeans just a bit more when September hits.  If you want to amp up the fall in this outfit, you can change out my wedges for booties or even a pair of leopard flats.  For cooler days, you can add a blue denim jacket to this look.

One color combo I love for the summer to fall transitional time is olive green and rose gold.  Rose gold is a great jewelry color to wear year round, but it really shines against fall colors like olive green and burgundy. Over the summer, I added to my rose gold collection with a pair of rose gold aviators.  It’s a decently affordable pair with a slightly bigger lens size compared to my other aviator sunglasses.  The lens and frames are rose gold, but the lens is mirrored so you can’t really tell in the pics since it’s reflecting the pretty palm trees.

Hope the rest of your week goes well! Thanks for stopping by ya’ll!

Photography By: LA Photography

warm fall outfit | army green tank top | black skinny jeans | Texas Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

summer outfit | olive green tank top | rose gold aviator sunglasses | Chic Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

casual outfit | black leather backpack | brown espadrille wedge sandals | Petite Fashion Blog Lady in Violet

summer outfit | rose gold aviators sunglasses | green sleeveless tank top | Houston Fashion Blogger Karen Kocich

casual outfit | olive green tank top | black leather backpack purse | Affordable Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet


Currently Craving: Backpacks

currently craving backpacks | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet

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Hello Ladies! Happy Monday! How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty low key and relaxing.  It was really nice to have a pretty chill Saturday night.  We did venture out a little during the day on Saturday.  The 100 degree day proved too much for us, and we eventually retreated to the a/c and Netflix.

This past weekend in Texas was Tax Free Weekend.  It always happens just before school starts, and you can buy school supplies and clothes tax free.  One of my favorite items to buy every school year was a new backpack.  Thanks to this school day must have turning into a trendy must have handbag, I can still sport my favorite back to school accessory.  I rounded up a few of my top picks for backpacks for fall perfect for work, travel, and weekends.

My top two color choices for me would be black or burgundy.  I think both will work well with a variety of outfits and have a professional look.  This black one is super similar to my favorite travel backpack by Henri Bendel.  It can be worn as both a backpack and crossbody.  If you weren’t able to grab the Bendel one before they went out of business, you are in luck with this one!  Brown bags are great for casual weekend looks.  Both the brown and light pink bags will transition well into Spring and Summer too.

Are you a fan of the backpack handbag?  Which number is your favorite?